10 Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Grenada

Glen September 6, 2016




For many travellers there is an expectation of perpetual sunshine when planning a Caribbean vacation. The reality is that even in Grenada it rains from time to time. We have two seasons; “dry season” and “rainy season”. Currently we are midway into our rainy season  which lasts from June to November. We thought it was only fitting to share some insider True Blue tips from our staff on how to enjoy your vacation even on a rainy or overcast day.

The number one recommendation, and disproportionately so, was curl up under the covers and sleep. When the temperature drops we really enjoy taking advantage of that cosy ambiance. However, after a bit more probing we found out that there are a plethora of options for things to do in Grenada on a rainy day that does not involve a bed.

Here are the top ten:

1. Go the the beach!  – Devenne – Receptionist

We know this is not the image you had in your head. You expected blue skies and that radiant sun kissing your skin as you take a refreshing dip in the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Those fabulous sunnies you bought just for this vacation resting on your nose, and an umbrella drink in hand. Don’t worry the rain does not have to hold you hostage in our lovely rooms.

Take minimal gear, all you really need is a towel in a bag that can brave the rain and keep your clothes dry. When you arrive head straight for the ocean. It will be surprisingly warm. You were going to get wet anyhow, now it will just be from above also. Downpours rarely last long, they usually pause long enough to “make a run for it”.


2. Love Art? Explore the Grenada Art Scene 

Head to the Susan Mains Art Gallery at the Spiceland Mall in Grand Anse and check out some of our local paintings, sculptures and one of a kind jewellery made here. From time to time this gallery has exhibitions, check out their Facebook page for upcoming events. Opening nights are always lovely with drinks,finger food and fellow artists and art lovers.

If you are in the mood to explore a little further take a bus or taxi into town (please do not walk, it looks close but it is not!). Start with the Franky Paul’s Studio on Halifax Street for some beautiful pieces of local scenes . Just over the hill on Young Street visit Art Fabrik, the store that makes and sells beautiful batik wearable art (ask to see their studio). Each piece is one of a kind. Yellow Poui is a beautiful upstairs art gallery, also located on Young Street,  that has a range of Caribbean inspired paintings and sculptures of varying styles.


Opening of the Grenada Cocoa and Chocolate Art Exhibit during Grenada Chocolate Fest 2016


3. House of Chocolate

Sounds good right? A space that  is dedicated to celebrating Grenada’s first class fine chocolate. This Cafe/ Chocolate Museum/ Boutique is a recent addition to the Young Street cultural scene, it is a permanent home to the Grenada Chocolate Fest. It is in the same space that housed Grenada’s first souvenir shop;Tikal.

As you cross the threshold the smell of spices and chocolate greet you. You can take a historical chocolate tour chronicling the history of chocolate in the region, browse the boutique for all things chocolate and cocoa or sip on a delicious cup of traditional local cocoa tea while indulging in a chocolate velvet cheesecake (oh so good…diet starts after the vacation right?).


4. National Museum

Visit our national museum on Young Street (right next to the House of Chocolate) and learn about our culture and history. Take a journey into our past; from artefacts of the island’s original inhabitants (the Ciboneys, Tainos and Kalinagos), weapons and technology from British and French colonisers, physical remnants from of African enslavement to the story of the 1979 socialist revolution and its 1983 demise. Town is quite  hot on a regular day and it is a relief to visit on a rainy or overcast day.

5. Go for a hike – Arthur- Social Media Expert/Photographer/ Resident Dare Devil

This may sound slightly risky (a lot of Arti’s recommendations are), maybe even crazy. However, if you have a fairly alright hiking skill set  (and shoes with very good grip) or are adventurous and don’t mind getting muddy or wet, head out into the rainforest for a cool hike and marvel at our lush verdant interior. Remember, the view is always amazing from the top. Hiking can be pretty sweaty business and doing it in the heat of the day can drain you (not that hiking on a rainy day is a walk in the park, but you catch our drift). We urge you to be very cautious for this one.




6. Clabone Sulphur Springs -Tamika- Babysitter

Grenada has odourless boiling sulphur springs set in an almost untouched natural environment. It is a relatively long (for Grenadian standards), hilly, winding and bumpy ride, like most roads in Grenada, to get there. What awaits you is worth the trouble. The walk from the “parking lot” takes about 15 minutes further into the bush. A little public secret (like most secrets in Grenada); go to the second pool. You will have to cross a small stream and walk through a bit more mud to get to this secluded location.  However, it has been referred to as “this is the better one”.

While relaxing in the ponds give yourself a sulphur mud facial. If everyone does it, no one looks silly with a bright orange face!

Sulfur Spings and Tamika jpg.jpg

7. River Tubing– Kaylee Concierge

The wetter the better! Rainfall* means that that there is more water in the river which means it moves faster. This makes river tubing even more thrilling. Both River tubing excursion companies are located over the the Grand Etange (St. Andrew) which means that you get a good look at our beautiful lush rain forest and experience the cool uphill drive.

(* River tubing after a heavy downpour is not advised )


River Tubing (Image Compliments the Grenada Tourism Authority)

8. Natural Water slides at Mt. Carmel Waterfalls – Genel Front Desk Manager

If you are looking for a little rush this one is for you. Like with our previous recommendation, the wetter the better. These natural water slides are located in St. Andrew along the eastern route to Grenville (the capital of St. Andrew). We urge you to be very cautious and probably go with someone who has been sliding down these giant rocks before.


9. Cooking Session with Esther and Omega

You don’t have to leave the Resort to have a good time. Learn to make authentic local dishes under the experienced guidance of the entertaining and witty cooking channel sensations; Esther and Omega. You will leave this cooking class not only versed in whatever dish that was being made, you will also leave with a wealth of knowledge about local ingredients and their health benefits and Grenadian cooking traditions.


10. Spa Day! 

If you are stuck inside you might as well be pampered. Indulge in a full body massage or get your nails done. No need for ambient  sounds of nature recordings when you have the natural sound of tropical rain playing a calming symphony on the rooftop. This is worth risking getting a little wet en route from room to spa. Check out our Blue Haven Spa menu here.


BONUS TIP (In case of a Tropical Depression)

Read – Marie Assistant Hotel Manager

We know we said we would get you out of the room. However, in the case of a tropical depression which may discourage even the most adventurous among you we suggest you curl up with that book you have been meaning to finish…or start (no judgment here). If you were beginning to miss having a cosy day indoors this is the perfect opportunity. Make a cup of local cocoa tea in your kitchenette and enjoy the solitude and the sound and sights of a rainy day from the comfort of your room, suite or villa.

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