17 Things to do in Grenada in 2017

Glen January 5, 2017

In Grenada we pride ourselves on being a chillers paradise. Nothing is sweeter than relaxing on the beach, book in one hand and umbrella drink in the next. However, if you do want to move from the reclined into the upright position here are our 17 tips of things to do in Grenada in 2017. We must warn you: these a pretty exciting and are likely to make you abandon that whole umbrella drink and book by beach set up you had in mind.


1.Grenada Chocolate Fest (from May 12th)

This will be the fourth annual Grenada Chocolate Fest. Days upon days dedicated to the appreciation of fine artisan organic chocolate. Chocolate tastings, Chocolate making, chocolate food, chocolate beauty, cocoa farming…well you get the picture. If you love chocolate (and we are highly suspicious of those people who do not like chocolate) then this one is for you.

2. Pure Grenada Music Festival (May 5th -7th)

Last year Grenada celebrated its first Pure Grenada Music Fest. International heavyweight artists like Steel Pulse, Joss Stone and Etana hit the stage for the week long festival . This year the festival is for a weekend. So far the festival organizers have announced that Tarrus Riley will perform on May 6th.

3. Play Jab Jab on J’ouvert Morning  (August 14th)

If you ever felt the need for a release this is the one for you. Shed your inhibitions, get some rum in your system and party like no one is watching. Spicemas (Grenada’s annual Carnival Celebration) opens with J’ouvert around 5 am. From the darkness the Jabs Jabs smeared in black old car oil with bloody cod fish  in their mouths (not real blood…but a pretty convincing imitation) take over the streets taunting on watchers with cow chains. You may see the odd live snake draped around someone’s neck. It is absolute madness!

The best part is that these Jab Jabs are Grenadians from all walks of life, your lawyers, doctors, dentists (and we suspect a few police officers may be disguised in there too). People take pleasure getting in full character, and, for a few hours it does not matter what they do all year round, on J’ouvert morning “dey playing ah wicked mas”. Check out our video from last year here.

Go on Adventures

4. Learn to Dive with Aquanauts

We spend most of our lives earth side not even considering an existence (even if for a short while) submerged under water surrounded by pure magic. Imagine a beautiful world where no one speaks!  You are completely present exploring coral reefs teaming with colorful marine life, wrecks, the world’s first underwater sculpture park and shark infested waters (does that not appeal to everyone?…divers are really into it). After the first time you are usually hooked. Do something new, you only have this one life.

5.Conservation Kayak Tours

This small family owned Kayaking Tour has rave reviews on Trip Advisor, so don’t just take our word for it. Amber (originally from Zimbabwe)  and Jamie Barret  (one very groovy Englishman) started Conservation Kayak back in 2013. Since then they have offered guided kayak tours that focus on Grenada’s natural beauty from ocean side. They are passionate about conserving  Grenada’s environment through tours that have an educational element (don’t worry you won’t have to bring a pen and notepad). Learn about the intricate and wildly interesting mangroves that fringe our coasts.

 6. Day Sail with Horizon Yacht Charters


Baby let’s cruise away from heeeereeee (Smokey Robinson Voice). There is just something about sailing in our waters, its smooth and spontaneously puts you in a meditative state…that meditation just sneaks right up on you. Watching the undulating sparkling blue and turquoise waters while sailing is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Horizon Yacht Charters offers  all inclusive (lunch, snacks and drinks included) day sails from 9am to 4pm with an experienced local skipper. With Horizon it is really about what you want; You want to drop anchor and snorkel and get all pruney in the ocean?…you can do that. You want to take the helm (thats fancy sailing language for steering the boat) and sail allllll day…you can pretty much do that too.

Horizon also offers a package without refreshments for those who prefer to bring their own goodies.

7. Sun Hunters Dune Buggy Tours

This adventure tour company launched in 2016 and has been widely popular with locals and travelers alike. You know that saying…where we go there are no roads…well this might as well be their logo.To be honest, paved roads will not lead you to Grenada’s most enchanting locations. Discover natural treasures like the River Sallee Sulphur Springs, Hog Island and La Saggesse Beach in dune buggies!

8.Hashing with the Grenada Hash House Harriers

Every Saturday an interesting crowd of drinking ( mostly alcohol) and walking/running enthusiast gather around a Carib tent somewhere (really anywhere) in Grenada and decide to follow a paper trail through bushes, rivers, up mountains and at the edges of precipices to end up right where they started. It is an amazing way to explore the island and get in your weekly exercise (we know its on that resolution list).

The hash is set (meaning the trail is scouted and marked with shredded paper) by a someone called a hare. Hashers have some interesting traditions and the whole affair can be quite loopy towards the end…but hey…if you are doing the adventure things in 2017 be open to it!

Theme Nights at Dodgy  Dock

9. Street Food Wednesday

This night was very popular in 2016. We have brought the Street Food experience into one location. Explore the street foods of  Grenada, the wider Caribbean and Mexico with your pallet. When you have sampled your way around Dodgy Dock burn those calories dancing to the best live entertainment on a Wednesday Night.

10. Chocolate Thursdays

True Blue Bay Resort is slowly being covered in Chocolate. We are being sneaky but really…chocolate is finding its way into everything. This is thanks to hotel owner Magdalena’s unwavering love for dark chocolate. On Chocolate (or as Magdalena says in her thick Mexican accent “choco-lat”) Thursdays you will find both savory and sweet chocolate dishes. Its amazing the plethora of things  chocolate compliments. A favourite are the chocolate ribs.

Lime…oh gosh…just lime!

(Translation: go hang out… for goodness  sake)

11. Drag Racing

A few times a year (we don’t know exactly when in 2017 yet) Grenada hosts local and regional drag racing competitions. One interesting element is that it takes place on the landing strip of Grenada’s first airport in Pearls St. Andrew. You can even explore old Russian planes that landed here during our Socialist Revolution (1979-1983) and never left. Racing cars from all over the Caribbean ( a good amount from Trinidad and Tobago..shout out to the Boost Factory Family) get shipped here on containers to compete. It is quite a show for car lovers or lovers of anything on wheels.

12. Plan a lime with I’m local App

You know when a group of friends or family decide they want to spend an entire day at the beach. That means you will get hungry at some point. The annoying bit for some of us is the food prep that has to happen before hand or during the outing. Would it not be ideal if the food and drinks just showed up?  Well some genius thought so too and decided to make a business out of it.

I’m local has a website and app where you can order an oil down (yes someone will come to your lime and put down a pot…while you…well…lime), they will pack your cooler and deliver it, barbecue for you, organize a DJ…all manner of things that will ensure that you spend your lime…liming. Genius! Just brilliant!

Go to Town (literally)

13. Visit the Spice Market with Omega


Before Grenada became “Pure Grenada” it was referred to as “The Spice of the Caribbean” or  the “Isle of Spice”. Some people have claimed that the scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove greet you as you arrive on the island (thats a stretch, whoever said that wanted to sound fancy). Where that  scent will greet you however is at the Spice Market in the heart of our capital City St. George. Omega, one half of our extremely entertaining weekly cooking class duo will guide you through; giving you information about which spices compliment which foods, which bush is will cure which ailment and what the best deals are for produce. After a lively morning in the market you cool down with a smoothy and then head to House of Chocolate on Young Street.

14. House of Chocolate 

What is that you say…more talk of Chocolate? (please refer to number 11 above…the bit about Magdalena and Chocolate). This delightful cafe-boutique-choclate museum located on Young Street, the Cultural quarter of Grenada, was opened early in 2015. Take a tour that chronicles the history of cocoa and chocolate in Grenada, relax with some authentic Grenadian cocoa tea (a scoop of nutmeg ice cream on top really adds something special) and brows through an unspeakable amount of things  made in Grenada with chocolate and cocoa. If you have navigated the hills of St. George taking in the views this is a beautiful place to rest up and relax, it is also worth a trip to town all on its own.

Something New to Grenada in 2017

15. Lavo Lanes Bowling

This will be Grenada’s first ever bowling alley and we are pretty excited for a new “indoor” option…you know…for nights and rainy days.  In addition to being a bowling alley it will also house a restaurant, sports bar, pool tables and air hockey. We cannot wait to experience Lavo Lanes…and when we do…we will be sure to report back!

Treat Your Self!

16. Can you say Spa Day at Blue Haven Spa?

Make you a priority this year. Honestly, if you do not take care of yourself first, unapologetically, then you cannot take care of others. While you are at it you may as well indulge all the way with a Spa Day. Blue Haven Spa offers a monthly special so keep an eye on their Facebook page (everyone loves a sale!).  Coming in 2017 they will also start offering Spa Parties.

The ladies at Blue Haven Spa genuinely care about your relaxation and making you feel special. At the start or end of your treatment (your choice) you are treated to a cup of tea or coffee. We don’t know how they do it exactly,but it feels like they have all the time in the world to pamper you.

17. Bella Milano Italian Cafe

There are few places that do coffee right in Grenada (Dodgy Dock is one of them of course). This authentic Italian style Cafe at Le Marquise Complex in Morne Rouge serves amazing Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, Mochas, teas and a wide range of sweet and savory baked goods. Bella Milano opened late in 2016 . It is very popular among the ex pats who have been longing to find a cafe in a central location.


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