20 Things to do in Grenada in 2020

Grenada is a small quiet island at the south of the Caribbean island chain between Trinidad and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Despite it being a dot on the world map this charming island is packed with lots of things to do. Here are our picks for 20 Things to do in Grenada in 2020.

1.Swim in the Golden WaterFalls 

Golden Falls Grenada

In 2019, the Golden Falls in St. Andrew gained mass popularity among locals, and visitors are slowly catching on. This hike is pretty intense, ropes are involved, and we always recommend going with a guide. The reward? A hot and cold (sometimes just cold) sulfur waterfall bath. A visit here is a must for any adventurous soul coming to Grenada. That is why it tops our 20 Things to do in Grenada in 2020 list

2. Visit Welcome Rock, St. Patrick 

Welcome Rock in Grenada

No list of things to do in Grenada is complete with mentioning Welcome Rock in St. Patrick. There are two ways to access this stunning lookout – a hike from the village of Mount Rose or a short walk from a mountain accessible via vehicle in the same village. From this heart-stopping vantage point, you can see many of the small uninhabited islands just off the north coast of Grenada including Sugarloaf and Sandy Island. Don’t forget to capture the moments as this is one of the most instagrammable locations on the island.

3. Make Your Own Chocolate at Tri-Island Chocolate 

Grenada is quickly gaining international recognition as the chocolate capital of the Caribbean. In fact, it has the most chocolate factories per capita in the world producing award-winning chocolate from its fine flavoured organic cacao beans. What better place to make your very own chocolate bar? This personalized workshop is fun for all ages!

4. Walk the Roots to Bar Trail at the Tri-Island Chocolate Farm 

Grenada’s heritage is rich and diverse and includes the way of life of the Rastafarians. Living in harmony with nature, mindful of their African roots, independent thinkers, ital (vegan) food and wild and free dreadlocks and all-around good vibes are some of the hallmarks of being a rasta. Learn all about the way these humble and gentle men and women tend to the land and take care of bees, and grow the cocoa that is made into exquisite chocolate. This is an authentic cultural immersion that cannot be missed.

5. Experience Grenada Chocolate Fest May 1st- 6th 2020 

If you are a true chocolate lover, Grenada Chocolate Fest needs to be on your bucket list! This intimate 6 Day Festival takes place from May 1st to 6th. It is the perfect way to experience the island of Grenada through the lens of chocolate. Visit chocolate factories, work alongside cocoa farmers, chill out at the beach, taste chocolate from all over the world and meet the personalities behind the pioneers of the worldwide sustainable tree-to-bar chocolate movement.

6. Enjoy a sunset at Coconut Beach Restaurant on Grand Anse Beach, St. George 


If you come to Grenada and miss the fire in the sky or cotton candy pastel sunsets (depending on the weather that day) you better book your return trip immediately! Relax with a cocktail at Coconut Beach Restaurant on the world-famous Grand Anse beach and enjoy this awe-inspiring experience.

7. Book a Wellness Stay at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort 

With 2 yoga studios, 4 swimming pools, a spa that specializes in all-natural treatments- a personalized wellness stay at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is a no brainer. This unique 7-night package includes exclusive in-room wellness amenities, including healing essential oils and a humidifier.

8. Sunday Brunch at Dodgy Dock, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort 

What better way to catch up with your group of friends than over an alfresco waterfront brunch in fine Caribbean style when you visit Grenada.

9. Experience Maroon Festival in Carriacou 

Grenada’s small sister island has a strong connection to its African heritage. It can trace it’s lineage back to Sierra Leon. Once a year, they celebrate this connection to the African continent at the Maroon Festival- this is an experience unlike any other. If you are in Grenada in late April, take the ferry or plane to Carriacou and experience this unique festival.

10. Visit House of Chocolate, Young Street, St. George’s

Looking for an all-encompassing Grenadian chocolate experience in one central location? House of Chocolate, on Young Street in the capital of St. George’s, is a charming chocolate museum, cafe and boutique. Here you can find all of Grenada’s delicious chocolate bars and cocoa products: from luxurious body butters to loose-leaf cacao tonics. Take a free tour of the museum and learn all about the history of cacao in the region, and the process of chocolate making in Grenada.

11. Volunteer to Clean Up a Beach 

Green Up Grenada

In September 2019, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort hosted Green Up Grenada- a month of coastal cleanups alongside online eco- influencers The Dharma trails and Belmont Estate. Each weekend a beach was chosen, volunteers both local and visiting came out in their numbers to join this wonderful initiative to clean up Grenada’s coastlines. If you are interested in joining the movement, follow @greenupgrenada in 2020 to find out when they are hosting more coastal cleanups.

12. Visit the Clabony Sulfur Springs, St. Andrew 

Clabony Sulfur Springs Grenada

These naturally warm and mineral-rich pools set in the lush green rainforest are bucket-list worthy! Pack up a picnic and head to this spot with some friends or make it a romantic adventure for two. We could sit in these pools for hours chatting and rubbing the orange sulfur mud onto our bodies, creating a personalized luxurious nature spa day.

13. Practice Yoga at Sankalpa Yoga Studio, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort 

Sankalpa Yoga Studio Grenada

Are you interested in starting a yoga practice in 2020 to level up your self-care routine or have you been practicing for a while? Joining a Sankalpa Yoga class overlooking the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean Sea or taking in a stunning Grenada sunset is a must when visiting Grenada in 2020.

14. Chocolate Soak at Blue Haven Spa, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort 

Blue Haven Spa Grenada

Soaking in a free-standing bath of chocolate tea overlooking the sparkling aquamarine waters of the bay seems like a no-brainer. Blue Haven Spa at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort has a whole chocolate spa package including a chocolate wrap and a chocolate soak at their treetop location.

15. Jump Off a Waterfall 

Concord Waterfalls, Grenada

Grenada is home to many beautiful and refreshing waterfalls. Quite a number of these falls are perfect for jumping- for those with an adventurous spirit. We recommend Annandale Falls in St. George, Seven Sisters Falls in St. Andrew and Concord Falls in St. John. Seek the advice of a guide as to the best spots to jump from. Waterfall jumping can be a dangerous activity if you don’t know what you are doing and are not clued in about the terrain. That being said, it is very exhilarating! Some waterfalls even have a few elevation options depending on your personal comfort level.

16. Street Food Wednesday at Dodgy Dock, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort 

Jeverson RamirezStreet Food Wednesday Chef Eric Vasson

We can’t quite decide whether the food or the entertainment is what draws so many people to this mid-week street food night at Dodgy Dock. We reckon it is the enchanting combination of both in a fun and casual atmosphere. Savour street food favourites of Grenada, the Caribbean region and Mexico. After enjoying your mouth-watering meal, party with Jeverson and Solid the band- they perform from a wide range of music genres all seasoned with their unique flair.  

17. Hike to Fedon’s Camp, St. Andrew 

Fedon's Camp Hike in Grenada

This hike is not for the faint of heart, but the view from the top is well worth it. We recommend a trip to Fedon’s camp to the most adventurous and physically fit among you! From Fedon’s camp you can enjoy a panoramic view of the island including Grand Anse and Point Salines in the South, Black Bay and some villages in the parish of St. Mark in the West, Tivoli, Pearls and Marquis in the East and the Welcome Centre at Grand Etang Crater Lake in the interior of the island. This camp is of historical significance -it was the pinnacle of the stronghold of Fedon’s Rebellion in the mid-1790s.

According to the reliable source Wikipedia (we know…but hear us out still):

“Fédon’s rebellion (March 2, 1795 – June 19, 1796) was an uprising against British rule of Grenada, predominantly led by free mixed-race French-speakers. Although a significant number of slaves were involved, they fought on both sides. The stated purpose of the rebellion was ‘to create a black republic just like Haiti’ rather than to free slaves, so it is not properly called a slave rebellion, although freedom of the slaves would have been a probable consequence of its success.”

18. Sail Jambalaya with Monique and Danny  

Sail Jambalaya

Your time in Grenada would feel incomplete if you missed the opportunity to experience the destination from the sea. There are few feelings more freeing than sailing, wind in your hair, the scent of the ocean greeting you and a sweet view of the ever-receding horizon. Jambalaya is a traditional wooden schooner that offers sunset sails, snorkelling day trips and even trips to the pristine waters in the Grenadines.

19. Dr.G’s Garden Tour in Felix Park St. Andrew 

Dr. G's Garden Grenada

Hazel Lee

Dr. Marcelle is a wildly interesting scholar of pharmacology – the science plants. He has taken his passion off the pages and cultivated an enchanting garden in Felix Park in the parish of St. Andrew. He can clue you in about the most unassuming plants on the roadside and healing herbs and spices that grow in Grenada. It is as informative as it is adventurous.

20. Volunteer at the Grenada Community Library

Grenada Community Library

The Grenada Community Library opened its doors after the passage of Hurricane Ivan as the Grenada National Library was in extreme state of disrepair due to the natural disaster. It was founded by the community organizers: Groundation Grenada, Caribbean author Oonya Kempadoo and the Mount Zion Church. After struggling for some years to find a permanent home, it found a generous patron in local attorney James Bristol. He donated his family’s historic building to house the library.

If you try doing anything from our 20 things to do in Grenada in 2020 list tag us @truebluebayresort . We would love to share it on our account to show everyone just how fun and diverse Grenada is!

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