Spicemas 2019 Photo Diary

Glen August 30, 2019

Spicemas 2019 Photo Diary

2019 Carnival in Grenada, known around the world as Spicemas,  was another year of pure, authentic and ecstatic fun! Grenada’s epic carnival stands out from its regional neighbours because it manages to pack 4 street parties into two days all with their unique allure. Spicemas requires endurance and commitment to glee if nothing else.

J’ouvert Morning

We start the mas at 4 am on J’ouvert morning when the jab jabs come out to play. This particular brand of mas is what attracts many to Grenada because it is unlike anything that can experience elsewhere. Jab jabs cover themselves in old car oil glistening as they make their way down the carnival route.  Their crazy stunts that keep masqueraders and onlookers thoroughly entertained and sometimes shocked. Real octopuses are hanging from their mouths and live snakes hissing on their horned helmets. The spectacle is both menacing and intriguing.


Monday Wear and Pageant Mas

After carnival has opened with J’ouvert pretty mas bands touch the road for Monday wear and pageant mas around 2 in the afternoon. Here masqueraders wear simple costumes – often band branded bathing suits. This event is all about having a good time rather than putting on a colourful display for onlookers.

Traditional Mas

Traditional Grenadian bands like Short Knee, Veuix Croix and Wild Indians come out in their full costumes. Here you can witness Spicemas as it was from its inception. Lots of satirical cultural and historical references build into the mas -making light of problematic experiences like colonialism and African enslavement.

Monday Night Mas

A giant street rave complete with glowing costumes. This part of carnival has the longest route!

Pretty Mas

On Tuesday the road is an explosion of colours, feathers, glitter and sequins on happy glowing bodies whining, chipping and gyrating down the road to the infectious melodies of soca music. Costumes are their most ornate and elaborate on this day and revellers are determined to have plenty of fun on the last day of the carnival which can last well into the night.

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