Amazing Sunsets In Grenada Last Weekend

admin September 14, 2011

The one question my family oversees keep asking me is “When are you coming to the US to stay?”.  You know I could not give an answer and I did not know why it now.   I always thought that I can make it in Grenada,  be successful cause I don’t what to leave Grenada.  To travel means leaving this beautiful island.  So much beauty. Its all over; Look up, Look down, look across.  Its all over.  The peace of mind you get is it worth leaving? You guys reading this most definitely thinking VACATION TIME IN GRENADA.  Well, guys I sincerly welcome you.  As I am here, lived hear all my life and I am not leaving soon lol.  I can show you pieces for the amazing beauty of why I cannot leave Grenada and encourage you to come and visit and hopeful stay.

The afternoon in took these shots. I was sailing in true blue bay then I saw the faint colors of purple and orange in the sky so I thought to myself.  Its going to have an amazing sunset today.  Immediately I head for shore, ran to the office picked up my camera then drove to Grand Anse Beach.  When I got there I was excited with what I saw.  Another amazing sunset in Grenada. WOW!!.

Then I thought that if its possible for me to get the sunset at different locations? Well let me give it a try.  I speedy drove down to Morne Rouge Beach.  Wow! I said, The  drive was worth it!

So guys please enjoy the pics I took of the sunset in the Spice Island Grenada.  Grenada I love you!

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