Caribbean Vacation: Early Morning in Grenada

admin October 7, 2011

Fascinating experience to wake up in the Caribbean to the sound of the tropical pouring rain, while the wind whispers on your ears and the rain drops wash away the dawn from the leaves, you will wake up to a unique and amazing aroma of rich moist soil, yet a soft bright sunshine will reflect through your window. Without a doubt, there is not better place to get in touch with the nature that in the Caribbean ; a place where the rain washes the night and bright sunshine reflects and dries the wet leaves,  welcoming you to another amazing day in Grenada.

Not every day in the Caribbean, in Grenada with sunny, crystal clear waters and blue skies but as the rain ceases the flora radiants their Glory.  The beauty of nature, the rejuvenating power of life water brings displays in a soothing gentle way.  Just looking at the drew on the plant brings a refreshing feeling.

If you are a nature lover you will identify with me when I say no matter rain or shine there is beauty.  So if you plan to come the caribbean of vacation, come with an open mind cause you will be blown away with the beauty of Grenada; the Isle of Spice.

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