Children’s Activities

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Our activities for children are arranged on demand and include: hair braiding, jewellery making, introduction to snorkelling or scuba diving (bubble making programme), swimming with mermaid tails in the pool, and children’s kayak and sailing lessons. The children’s playground at Dodgy Dock restaurant will keep your little ones busy climbing, swinging, playing on the slide and with sand toys. A second playground for children is located by the Bay View pool. Board games are also available at the front desk. Contact the resort concierge about: the bubble making programme (an introduction to scuba diving, snorkelling in the pool), children’s kayak and sailing lessons, hair braiding, drawing and painting, mermaid swimming, table games and much more. Currently, some of these activities are cancelled but we hope to reintroduce them by late 2020 or early 2021.

To book call 1 (473) 443-8387 or e-mail

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