Congratulations to the 2017 Graduating Class of Vendomme Primary School

Glen July 21, 2017

Resort co-owner, Russ Fielden, hosting a school assembly earlier this year at Vendomme Primary School

Co-owner of our boutique resort, Russ Fielden, attended the graduation ceremony of the Vendomme Primary School earlier this month. Our relationship with ┬áthe school dates back several years when we banded together with other local businesses and our generous guests to rebuild the school beyond its former glory after it’s complete destruction by Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Since then we have seen the student body grow and blossom.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the 2017 graduating class. ┬áMay this new journey into secondary school bring you closer to your life’s purpose and may you remember that play is as important as work-balance is the key to success.

The proud graduates

To read more about our work with Vendomme Primary School check out our previous blog posts here and here. Also, if you would like to contribute to the continued empowerment of the students join the Pack for a Purpose program. Repeat guest and blogger Heidi Roberts tells the story of how much joy giving gave her.

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