Do it like a Grenadian: 5 Ways to Celebrate Easter

Glen April 16, 2017

We return with a new  “Do it like a Grenadian” blog post. Easter is celebrated all around our fascinating globe in different ways. In Grenada this time of year does not revolve around easter bunnies and colorful eggs as it is often portrayed in the western world. We have our unique way of doing things in the Caribbean and in particular in Grenada. Below are five ways you know it is Easter in Grenada

Fly Kites

 We have a strong and proud tradition of flying home made kites at easter time-   it is enjoyed by all generations, not just children. As soon as the winds pick up around March  colorful kites strung up on long lines decorate the street sides in pop up kite shops.

Although store bought imported kites are now available it is tradition to make your own. This craft is passed from generation to generation. If you grew up on our small island you would know all about five flex kites made with the spine of palm tree leaves locally referred to  as flex and covered in your mom’s old shopping bags with tails made from retired bed sheets (or sometimes not so retired…sacrifices must be made). 

Kite flying hot spots during the easter weekend include: community playing fields, Quarantine Point in Mourn Rouge, our sole Golf Course located in an area known as Gold Course (we did not make that up) and our original airstrip in the north of the island: Pearls Airport.

The sound of giant mosquitoes humming is commonplace during the months of March and April. You are not going crazy, there is no rogue mosquito that no amount of slapping and clapping can kill, it is a huge kite tied out to fly because someone could not bear to see their kite loose altitude (much to the annoyance of entire villages).

Often you can hear the  flap flap of bear feet hitting the concrete as children chase kites that have gotten away. Don’t be alarmed by strangers coming into your yard pulling strings and searching desperately. It simply means that the fly away kite is likely stuck in one of your trees or bushes. Although kites are relatively cheap to make they are cherished, when one gets away it is pursued feverishly.

Eat Hot Cross Buns


On a lighter note…these sticky, fruity, cinnamony-clovey-nutmeggy warm buns are a local favorite around this time of year. There is something about holiday seasons and dried fruit- they always seem to find their way into our celebratory pastry. Remember that dense fruit cake we mentioned in our Christmas Blog

Eat Mackerel and Saltfish on Good Friday

Although the  Easter tradition of eating fish on Good Friday  is rooted in catholicism, it is observed widely in Grenada. It has become part of our arsenal of cherished easter traditions. Many Grenadians opt to eat either Mackerel or Salt fish ( salt dried and preserved cod) with a side of an assortment locally grown ground provisions and boiled flour dumplings.

Lime at the Beach on Easter Sunday and Monday

On Easter Weekend, particularly Sunday and Monday the beach will be densely packed with large families- parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and lots of children. Reggea and Soca Music will plays at maximum volume on these days, the atmosphere is vibrant. 

If you want the quiet secluded beach experience these are not days we would recommend going to popular beaches like: Grand Anse and BBC in the South or Bathway Beach in the North. However, if you want the full Grenadian Easter experience we dare you to go to these beaches. 

Giant pots filled with waters (who remembers what “waters”  means from our Independence day post?) will be bubbling on open fires. Large containers filled with Sunday lunch favorites like macaroni pie (baked macaroni and cheese as it is known of in some parts of the world), rice and dry pigeon peas cooked in coconut milk,  all manner of ground provision and meat dishes can be seen spread out buffet style (but covered down with aluminum foil to prevent the sand from getting in)  for the entire contingent to enjoy.

Kites are flown, foot and cricket is played. High energy replaces the ordinarily relaxing sleepy vibe our beaches have.

Bikers Island Wide Road Trip on Easter Monday

Motor biking communities can be found all over the globe and Grenada is no exception. It almost does not matter where you are on easter Monday, at some time during the day or night you will hear the revving engines of hundreds of motorbikes as the super cool biking community makes their way around the entire island. This is a more recent tradition in Grenada but a much beloved one.


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