Grenada’s Family-Friendly Boutique Resort

With two playgrounds, four kid-friendly pools and complimentary childcare it’s no wonder the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is considered a top family-friendly accommodation in Grenada. The Fielden Family own and operate this 70 room home away from home. 

Russ, Magdalena and their two daughters Marie and Renatta are intimately involved in the day to day operations of the resort. They also conceptualize and oversee the general development of the property.  Marie and Renatta were 3 and 6 when the Fielden’s took over the resort some 21 years ago.Many of the family friendly features and events came about as a result of Russ and Magdalena’s desire to have their young children around them in a safe, inclusive and fun environment as they worked.

Another primary focus of the Fielden’s is that the boutique resort offers a luxurious holiday experience while operating sustainably. They are passionate about environmental conservation so as not jeopardize the beautiful environment and its resources for future generations.   

Read this blog to find out exactly why True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is the best place to stay while on a family vacation in Grenada. 

1. Kids under 12 stay and eat for free from our kids’ menu

Family-Friendly Accommodation in Grenada

Traveling with kids can be a pricey endeavour. We did not want the cost of accommodating the whole family to be stand in the way of you and the tropical vacation you deserve- this is why two kids under the age of 12 stay and eat for free from our kids’ menu (based on your family’s meal plan) whenever they stay at our resort with their parents. 

2. Playgrounds

Playgrounds in Grenada

One of the best things about being a child is feeling free to spend hours just playing- fun is universally a huge priority for our little ones.We have two playgrounds on-site- one is located near the Bay View Pool and the other near the entrance to our restaurant- Dodgy Dock. These locations are ideal because the kids can play while the adults can enjoy some alone time while being close enough to keep an eye on the kids. Both playgrounds have slides, swings, places for kids to play in the sand and climb. 

3. Bay View Pool Slide

When the Fielden’s took over the resort in 1998, they installed a waterslide on the inn’s only pool at the time.  It was obviously a priority as they had two young daughters! Since then this pool, now known as the bay view pool, has been a hit with children of all ages and a major watering hole for families. It is also near one of our playgrounds.

4. Shallow kid-friendly pools

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort now has 4 child-friendly pools. Each of these pools has ample shallow areas to suit families with younger children. Did you know that prolonged periods of playing, swimming and splashing around in the pool leads to earlier fuss free bed-time? We know this from our extensive research with our own children here in the Caribbean. It is all part of our grand plan to ensure that family vacations are relaxing for everyone! 

5. Kids club and complimentary childcare

Grenada Hotel Childcare

General Manager, Marie Fielden, saw the need for on-site childcare after having her daughter Lila in 2015. This helped to make the transition into parenthood while working much easier for staff as they are able to visit and check on their little ones. In 2019 the daycare was expanded into Namaste kids’ club and is now available to each family staying at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.  Each family staying at the resort is entitled to 2 free hours of childcare per child- further paid childcare is also available.   

6. Dive shop where kids over 10 can get PADI junior open water scuba certified 

Grenada is enchanting both above and below the ocean. Feed your families’ curiosity and desire for adventure by learning to dive. The island’s mesmerizing dive sites include colourful reefs, thrilling wrecks and and the world’s first underwater sculpture park. If you are travelling with older kids, this is the perfect time for them to learn how to scuba dive. Aquanauts, our on-site PADI certified dive shop, has a junior open water course available to kids over 10 years of age. If you have younger children  (four years and older) a snorkel trip may be a better fit. S

7. Free water sports

We feel that playtime is essential when you are on a family vacation- and that means play for everyone. Explore the bay around the resort aboard our hobie cats, two-seater and one-seater kayaks or stand up paddleboards.  These provide hours of fun for the entire family. 

8. Twice daily free beach shuttles to 3 different beaches

Electric Beach Shuttle

Did you know that if you come to Grenada and don’t visit the beach you won’t be allowed to leave the island. Maybe that is not entirely true…but it might as well be. Although the resort is not located directly on a beach, we do provide twice-daily complimentary beach shuttle service. Shuttles go to three of Grenada’s most popular beaches in the south of the island all within a 15-minute drive from the resort: Grand Anse Beach, BBC Beach and Aquarium Beach.

9. Kids Easter Egg Hunt (April 11th, 2020)

Although easter egg hunts are a big tradition for families in many western countries they are not part of the Grenadian easter tradition. The Fielden’s first introduced this annual free kids easter egg hunt because no other pubic easter egg hunts took place around the island that their daughters, Marie and Renatta, could take part in. 15 years later it has since become an annual staple for many families including locals, expats and hotel guests. 

10. Kids Halloween Party (October 31st, 2020)

Halloween in Grenada

Is Halloween among your favourite holidays? Our resort was the first place on the island to host a kids Halloween party. You might say we have perfected the art. Since beginning this tradition just about 2 decades ago it has become the most popular Halloween party for kids and families in Grenada. There is a down right spine chilling haunted house, a children’s parade, costume competition and free candy for all in attendance. It is perfect for children of all ages. 

11. Fascinating resort wildlife – fun and educational for the entire family

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort has intentionally preserved an environment where the wildlife that would usually inhabit a space still feels safe. Crabs, lizards, birds, tortoises and fishes all feel safe. One of the most magical things at the resort is listening to the symphony of the chirping birds. We love looking up into the trees to spot a myriad of small birds, including hummingbirds flitting from blossom to blossom. We are also home to several green iguanas- many of which enjoy hanging out by the rum shop and beach pool. They enjoy the rum punch and a little dip in the pool just as much as the next person. If you look into our jungle roundabout, you can also spot several tortoises going about their business.  

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is a perfect fit for families of all sizes offering rooms for every budget- from charming standard rooms to chic two story two bathroom suites and  spacious two bedroom villas. To book your family vacation reach out to us, we would love to help you plan your perfect relaxing tropical getaway.



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