Five Family Friendly things to do in Grenada

Glen October 25, 2017

We know the Caribbean is viewed as a very sexy destination for the young and fabulous (or at least we like to think of ourselves and young, sexy and fabulous).


The Fabulous Fielden Family- Owners of True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

With multigenerational travel trending more and more we thought we would shed some light on some of the ways the whole family can enjoy Pure Grenada- The Spice of the Caribbean.

Here are our Five Family Friendly things to do in Grenada:


1. Indulge in the Grenada chocolate experience

We consider ourselves somewhat of a Grenada Chocolate Experience authority as we are the organizers of the annual Grenada Chocolate Fest– which be celebrated for the 5th consecutive year in May 2018.

Grenada is home to award winning organic and ethically produced tree-to-bar chocolate. Find out how we create these delicious and ethically made treats that have stimulated such a huge buzz in the international chocolate community. You can stay close to the resort and take a tour at the House of Chocolate, a chocolate museum and cafe, in the capital city of St. George and take a guided tour to learn about the evolution of chocolate in the Caribbean and Grenada and then sip on our authentic cocoa tea while indulging in chocolate confections and bon bons.

Alternatively you can venture further into the countryside and take an interactive tour of one of our organic cocoa farms or estates to learn about the world where traditional cocoa processing and modern chocolate making intertwine.

If one day of chocolate bliss is not enough for your gang join us from May 11th- 19th for the annual Grenada Chocolate Fest


2. Head onto or into the enticing Caribbean turquoise emerald sea

Water activities are good fun for all ages and Grenada has plenty to offer for all levels of confidence and capabilities. You can sail on a traditional sloop, native to our part of the world, sail on a modern catamaran or even steer your own a hobie cat. Whatever you do- adventure is the name of the game!

Grenada is home to the world’s first underwater sculputure park- erected with a vision of reviving our dyeing reefs. The underwater sculpture park which can be accessed and veiewd by both divers and snorkelers- which is exactly what makes it so amazing for the entire family!

We heard the “fly and flop” model of taking a vacation is outdated but we think there is still room for a day of “nothing in particular” at the beach or at the pool. Liming , the art of doing nothing in particular while in the company of loved ones, is still a treasured way of life in Grenada.


3. Take a Family Portrait with our iconic street art

Just a trip around the island will show you that we love decorating our public spaces especially in the national colors. Street art is abundant – maps of Grenada, portraits of our political leaders and heroes, Caribbean icons, Grenada flags, local fruits and veggies, nutmeg (our primary export crop) and abstract pieces using our national colors- red yellow and green. This art adorns walls, tires, rocks and shacks. It is the perfect backdrop for a picture to capture that time you visited Grenada.


4. Make the vacation count for more than your family

It feels great to know that when you leave the island it will be better than you arrived. There are several individuals and organization on the island that work hard and smart to empower our island’s biggest asset- our people. The sad reality is, like in many countries around the world, that there is room for improvement in the infrastructure of schools and libraries. If you are staying with us you can take part in the Pack for a Purpose initiative. Children’s books and art and craft supplies (which can be quite pricy in Grenada) brought in your suitcase go a long way in expanding the imaginations and horizons of the Grenadian youth.


5. Learn to cook like a local

One of the most exciting thing about visiting a new destination, or an old favorite, is the food- an immersion of your pallet into a authentic flavor profile that is unique to that space and place. Even better, with a lesson or two your family can take back a skill souvenir that can be enjoyed over and over again- cooking. This is an activity the whole family can get involved in. At True Blue Bay Boutique Resort we host a local homestyle cooking demonstration with our famed cooking stars Esther and Omega every Thursday. We can also organize hands on cooking classes for smaller groups.

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