Fun things to do in Grenada

admin March 7, 2018

Fun things to do in Grenada

So you have finally made your hotel booking and your trip to Grenada is pretty much set in stone…it took you long enough!  Maybe you have sifted through several articles about the island, looked through hundreds of TripAdvisor reviews and did your due diligence on lonely planet. We won’t be presumptuous about the depth of your research but we will offer some ideas (or confirmations) about some fun things to do in Grenada.   

Let us ease into it and start with things you can enjoy without even leaving the resort. We don’t believe in creating a world isolated from the destination- we are proud Grenadians and we love sharing our culture with you through activities and themed nights – most of which are included with your stay at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort.

All about food at our Restaurant, Dodgy Dock 

1.Tuesdays- Rum and Chocolate Tastings

Every Tuesday we, in collaboration with House of Chocolate, Grenada’s only chocolate museum, host a local rum and chocolate tasting from 5pm to 6pm at our beach pool bar- The Rum Shop. Grenada grows organic fine flavoured cocoa which makes some of the most exquisite tree- to- bar dark chocolate in the world! Equally interesting is our long history of making rum. For some the Caribbean rum is synonymous with rum and we are here to confirm that is not completely inaccurate.

2. Wednesdays- Street Food Night

Street Food Wednesday Grenada

This is one of our most popular themed nights. We have brought the local Street Food experience into one location. Explore the street foods of  Grenada, the wider Caribbean and Mexico with your eager taste buds. When you have sampled your way around our restaurant, Dodgy Dock,burn those calories dancing to the best live entertainment on a Wednesday Night.

3. Eat like a local

Grenadian Oil Down

It is lovely to experience a country with your pallet.There is always something on the our menus from breakfast until dinner that is infused with the Grenadian culinary culture. At breakfast try our Grenadian option complete with coconut bakes, a savoury  flat-ish bread with small bits of coconut in it, saltfish, fried plantain and eggs any style of your choosing. Tuesday night dinner is dedicated to all things Caribbean flavours and steelpan music with Grenadian menu options available.

4. Cook like a local

Cooking Classes in Grenada

What better way to take home a piece of our beautiful island with you than by adding some Grenadian homestyle dishes to you recipe arsenal. Every Thursday our in house cooking stars Esther and Omega teach our guests how to cook a dish that would commonly be found on the typical Grenadian lunch or dinner table. These weekly cooking classes are free for all of our inhouse guests.

5. Cocoa Thursdays

Chocolate Bomb

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is slowly being covered in Chocolate. We are being sneaky but really…chocolate is finding its way into everything. This is thanks to hotel owner, Magdalena’s, unwavering passionate love for dark chocolate. On Cocoa  Thursdays you will find both savory and sweet chocolate dishes. Its amazing the plethora of things chocolate compliments. A favourite at the restaurant are the chocolate ribs.

Spa and Wellness

6. Chocolate Spa Treatments

Chocolate Spa Treatment

As we are on the topic of Chocolate- Blue Haven Spa right here at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort has a special spa package called All About Chocolate. You can choose 3 of 6 decadent chocolate treatments. Chocolate has so many healing properties that will have your skin glowing and smelling irresistible.

7. Free Yoga Classes

Yoga in Grenada

Our gorgeous open air (yet covered) tree top ocean view studio, Sankalpa, offers guided classes throughout the week. We have a variety of teachers who guide restorative classes like Yin and Therapeutic Yoga, or, more active classes like Power Vinyasa. Everyone who stays with us has the opportunity to take two free classes.

Explore the Island by Day

8. Take in the mesmerising view from Welcome Rock in St. Patrick

Welcome Rock in Grenada

The north of the island offers one of the most captivating vantage points from which to see the some of our smaller surrounding islands. This is just one of those places that keeps on popping up on our instagram feed. Visiting this spot is a must!

10. Go Glamping on the Caribbean Sea with Savvys

Glamping in the Caribbean

The Savvys sail boat is a traditionally built Kayak Sloop. Kayak means things/people from our sister island Cariaccou- the island with a very close relationship with the ocean and  a rich history of building wooden boats by hand. Captain Danny only offers private trips on his boat to ensure that the experience is tailor made to what you love. One of his most popular trips, is a weekend sailing in crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Grenadine Islands. Here you have plenty chances to snorkel, swim, chill and embody your inner ocean. If you are lucky you may even get to swim with turtles.

11.  Visit the Spice Market with Omega

Grenada Market Tour

Before Grenada became “Pure Grenada” it was referred to as “The Spice of the Caribbean” or  the “Isle of Spice”. Some people have claimed that the scent of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove greet you as you arrive on the island (that is a stretch, whoever said that wanted to sound fancy). Where that  scent will greet you however is at the Spice Market in the heart of our capital City St. George. Omega, one half of our extremely entertaining weekly cooking class duo will guide you through; giving you information about which spices compliment which foods, which bush will cure which ailment and what the best deals are for our local produce. After a lively morning in the market, cool down with a smoothy and then head to House of Chocolate on Young Street.

12. Go to a Dinghy Concert – Live Musical Performances on the ocean

This is a concert on the ocean that takes place every few months. It is the perfect opportunity to listen to some of our amazing local talent who sings anything from jazz, soca, reggea, RnB, Pop and original compositions. You don’t need to have a Dinghy to enjoy this unique experience- a shuttle boat can take you from the Le Phare Bleu marina to the barge which has a well stocked bar.

13. Learn to Dive with Aquanauts 

We spend most of our lives earth side not even considering an existence (even if for a short while) submerged under water surrounded by pure magic. Imagine a beautiful world where no one speaks (Ahhh go ahead…admit it…that is bliss)!  You are completely present exploring coral reefs with colorful marine life, wrecks, the world’s first underwater sculpture park and shark infested waters (does that not appeal to everyone?…divers are really into it). After the first time you are usually hooked.

14. Preserve our endangered reefs by hunting lionfish with Aquanauts Grenada

Lionfish Hunting in Grenada

Part of what has lead to the endangerment of our reefs on the island has been the presence of the invasive lionfish which prey on almost all other species in the reef ecosystem. They have no natural predator. Lionfish found their way into the Caribbean Sea after their accidental release in Florida. They are also quite tasty, and so,  a few years ago ocean conservationists in Grenada launched a “Eat it to Beat it” campaign. Our on site dive shop, Aquanauts, are supporters for this initiative and organise quite a few dives that include hunting lionfish.  In the past they even hosted a Lionfish Derby and Grill out.   

15.  Day Sail with Horizon Yacht Charters

Sailing on the Caribbean Sea

Baby let’s cruise away from heeeereeee (Smokey Robinson Voice). There is just something about sailing in our waters, its smooth and spontaneously puts you in a meditative state. Watching the undulating sparkling blue and turquoise waters while sailing is something everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Horizon Yacht Charters offers  all inclusive (lunch, snacks and drinks included) day sails from 9am to 4pm with an experienced local skipper. Horizon also offers a package without refreshments for those who prefer to bring their own goodies.

16. Sun Hunters Dune Buggy Tours

Offroad Tour Grenada

Have you heard the saying…”where we go there are no roads”…well this might as well be their logo.To be honest, paved roads will not lead you to Grenada’s most enchanting locations. Discover natural treasures like the River Sallee Sulphur Springs, Hog Island and La Saggesse Beach in dune buggies!

17. Hashing with the Grenada Hash House Harriers

Hashing in Grenada

Every Saturday an interesting crowd of drinking ( mostly alcohol) and walking/running enthusiast gather around a Carib tent somewhere (really anywhere) in Grenada and decide to follow a paper trail through bushes, rivers, up mountains and at the edges of precipices to end up right where they started. It is an amazing way to explore the island and get in your weekly exercise.

18.Explore the reefs of our sister island Carriacou

Diving in Carriacou

The magic of colourful Grenadian underwater life extends beyond the main island. Carriacou has some beautiful dive and snorkel spots worth a trip to the tiny sleepy island. Once you are out on the ocean a stop at Anse La Roche, a secluded beach most easily accessible from the seaside.

19. Jump from a Waterfall

Waterfalls in Grenada

For those adventure and adrenaline rush lovers we have plenty opportunities to jump from waterfalls both tall and taller. Incase you would rather observe than take the plunge yourself (no judgment) you can live vicariously through the professional Anandale waterfall jumpers.

20. Soak in our Sulfur Springs

Sulfur Springs in Grenada

Grenada has warm and pleasant smelling sulfur springs all around the island. Two of the most popular and easily accessible ones are: Clabone Sulfur Springs in St. Andrew and River Salle Sulfur Springs in St. Patrick.

According to

“The healing powers of hot springs have been used for thousands of years and are widely accepted in Europe and Japan as natural treatment options for various common ailments”.

Benefits of soaking in sulfur springs include reduced stress and better sleep, natural pain relief and improved skin health. It has been known to improve symptoms of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. In our personal experience soaking in Sulfur Springs always leads to good conversations and lots of laughter.

Explore Grenada By Night

21. Watch leatherback turtles lay eggs on on Levera Beach in St. Patrick

Leatherback turtle conservation in Grenada

Image from Ocean Spirits

Every year between March and August the world’s largest and oldest (they have been around since the dinosaurs!) ocean reptiles , leatherback turtles, return to the place where they hatched and lays up to 90 eggs. These endangered gentle giants journey from as far as Ireland and Western Africa to come to our shores. The only way you can witness this mesmerising miracle of nature in Grenada is with St. Patricks Environmental and Community Tourism Oragnisation (SPECTO). This  rural group is the largest national advocate for leatherback turtle conservation. During the leatherback turtle laying and hatching seasonLevera beach is closed to the public unless you are accompanied by someone from SPECTO.

22.Eat Indian at Punj-Abi Restaurant

Authentic Indian Food in Grenada

Image from Punj-Abi

We are all about encouraging eating local foods when traveling … However it would be remiss of us not to mention Punj-Abi Indian restaurant. If you love spicy and flavourful authentic indian cuisines this restaurant is the place to be. Since it opened its doors in late 2017 it has received rave reviews including from the Indian community on the island. The Tika Masala Butter Paneer is one of our personal favorites. Book your table early because they tend to fill up pretty quickly.

23. Taste  local craft beer and Ciders at West Indies Breweries

West Indies Brewery Grenada

West Indies Brewery started of as a teeny tiny mirco-brewey right here at True Blue Bay Resort. In fact the micro-brewey still exists on compound and from time to time you can see someone tinkering around experimenting on a new flavour. These days you can find them in Lance-Aux-Epines at their Beer Garden which have quite a nice selection of craft beers and ciders made on location  including a chocolate beer. It is quite the hotspot on weekend nights.

24. Play Bingo like you never have before

Many of us associate Bingo with tiny sober grannies and granpas sitting hunched over under a well-lit tent with their oversized glasses and bingo boards. Well in Grenada it is quite a different kind of vibe. Bingo events are hosted in our National Stadium with lively performances, loud DJ music and the chance to win huge cash prizes, home appliances and cars.  It is like a Grenadian version of The Price is Right- only with Bingo.

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