Green Globe Certification

admin December 6, 2012

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is happy to announce that we have received our Green Globe certification. Over the past year, the management and staff of True Blue Bay Resort have been coming up with innovative ideas to help keep the environment clean and play a beneficial roll in Grenadian society.

We have been working hard towards helping the environment by discouraging the use of plastic or Styrofoam on the property. Takeaway boxes and disposable cups are made from cardboard. Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Bar does not issue plastic straws unless customers ask for them.

True Blue Bay Resort has experimented over the past year with solar lights in our artifacts museum and also all lights in the hotel use low energy bulbs. There are future plans to make “True Green Rooms” which will use virtually no electricity and be powered by solar energy.

The Owners of True Blue Bay take part in community activities as often as they can. Russ Fielden teaches a Hospitality and Tourism course at the Vendome Primary School and Magdalena Fielden organizes craft bazaars so that the local vendors have a chance to sell their products and be exposed to a large number of people. Craft artists come and sell their products on the property twice per week at the Dodgy Dock Restaurant & Bar, offering guests a chance to take home a piece of Grenada while supporting local artisans. Magdalena Fielden is also the creator of the Grenada Friends of Whales and Nature Facebook page. The page has over 7000 followers and is updated every day informing its followers on how to help the marine environment.

Marie Fielden is currently putting together a Green Calendar which makes sure True Blue celebrates all environmental awareness days throughout the year. A beach clean up was just recently accomplished by True Blue staff and friends, who collected over 17 large bags of garbage on a nearby beach.

True Blue staff will continue to be trained to be more environmentally friendly and also not promote the use of harmful products on the environment.

Thank you Green Globe for taking the time to certify True Blue Bay Boutique Resort and we look forward to seeing you for our re-certification next year.

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