Grenada Chocolate Fest 2018 News

admin March 28, 2018

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA)

officially partners with Grenada Chocolate Fest

On the morning of Friday  March 23rd GTA’s Kirl Hoschtialek and Grenada Chococlate Fest Founder/Organiser, Magdalena Fielden, signed an agreement which crystallizes the two institutions’ official partnership at a press launch in the GTA Headquarters at Burns Point, St. George’s.

Grenada Tourism Authority

Hoschtialek commented that GTA is proud to officially partner with the the festival  which promotes the island’s award winning dark chocolate and encourages community and sustainable tourism, thereby increasing Grenada’s visibility in the destination marketplace. In past years the GTA has provided the festival with  valuable support by inviting and hosting international journalist and social media influencers to participate in and enjoy the festivities. Moving forward GTA will increase its support both financially and through local and international marketing assistance to ensure the continued blossoming of the festival.

Magdalena Fielden

“It is a great honor to be supported by the Grenada Tourism Authority…this will help the growth of the festival”  remarked Fielden, the festival’s founder, in her address to local television media. She shared that there has been great interest throughout the global chocolate community because of the unique approach of the festival. Festival goers have an opportunity to go beyond just tasting different chocolates- they interact with our local cocoa farmers and learn how chocolate comes into being: from tree to chocolate bar, and, what influences each bar’s unique flavor profile. 

Global Craft Chocolate Influencers

L-R Shadel Nyack Compton, Ana Rita Garcia Lascurain, Dr. Darin Such and Magdalena Fielden

Thanks to the support of GTA this year the festival has once more attracted the foremost thought leaders in the international craft chocolate arena including Sharon Terenzi- The Chocolate Journalist from Italy, Chantal Cody- Founder and Creative Director of Rococo Chocolates in the UK and Dr. Darin Sukha – Cocoa and Chocolate Expert from the Cocoa Research Institute of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad.

Elle Coco

Activities most enjoyed by residents and visitors alike include the “Be a Farmer for a Day” which is hosted by Crayfish Bay Organic Estate in Non Pariel St. Mark, the Tree to Bar Tour at Belmont Estate and the Healthy Benefits of Chocolate Hand on Beauty Workshop hosted by True Blue Bay Boutique Resort. This year the festival is planning to host their Chocolate Extravaganza on the 19th of May  with the community at Camerhogne Park, St. George.

For more information about Grenada Chocolate Fest and to purchase tickets visit their website and follow the festival on all social media platforms

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