Grenada Chocolate Festival

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Grenada Chocolate Festival

Join the chocolate adventure of a lifetime in the Chocolate island of the Caribbean – Grenada. Celebrate Grenada’s purely natural resources, fertile environment and sustainable chocolate-making culture. Hear the story of Grenada’s chocolate while exploring the island’s rich history, visit organic cocoa plantations nestled in the lush verdant Caribbean rainforest, dance the cocoa, make your own chocolate and indulge in delicious chocolate-inspired cuisine and Grenada’s cocoa-infused island life!

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*All prices are in US. Room rates includes service charge, taxes and breakfast. 

Chocolate Festival Package Price
Cocoa Pass $590.00
Single Occupancy $1759.00
Double Occupancy $2349.00

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Cocoa Pass Includes:

Transportation and access to all Chocolate Fest 2020 activities.

View Chocolate Festival Full Schedule.

To book or to get more information regarding the Grenada Chocolate Festival, please fill out the form below.

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