Grenada Welcomes Home Kirani James

admin August 31, 2012

It’s Carnival in Grenada again! Or should we say ‘Kiranival’. The celebration continues in Grenada as Olympic gold medalist Kirani James returned to his homeland Grenada on August 30th, 2012. Waiting at the Maurice Bishop International Airport were thousands of fans, neighbors and friends, singing and dancing and looking to see their New Grenadian Hero. It was a red carpet welcome for the young champion as he disembarked the charted aircraft to receive a warm welcome by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, Governor General Carlyle Glean, and his parents.

As Kirani went out to salute the anxious, happy crowd, bandanas and flags were waved high and the chant “King James! King James!” rang out. There was a large number of young children wearing the national colors, and the biggest smiles to welcome home “King James!”

Kirani, as humble as always, said a few words and sent a big kiss to spectators. He shook as many hands as possible and smiled at all, especially when the crowd shouted “Kirani, we love you!”

“Jaguar” or “Gear Shifter” as Kirani is known around the island, especially at his home town Gouyave, has become the most popular Grenadian role model, especially with the island’s youth.

All of Grenada is very proud of him and grateful to have him inspiring young people.

He will turn 20 years old on September 1st, 2012 and the whole island is looking forward to celebrating this very special occasion with him.

Happy Birthday Kirani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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