Grenada’s Top 10 Most Relaxing Spots

admin October 15, 2018

Waterfalls, Beaches, Sulfur Springs 

& Forest Bathing near Dormant Volcanoes 

These are our picks for Grenada’s Top 10 Most Relaxing Spots 


Why are waterfalls part of out top 10 most relaxing spots in Grenada? An informative site called World of Waterfalls has this to say about the relaxing effect of waterfalls

“Scientifically, there are claims that negative ions that are abundant in waterfalls somehow increase serotonin levels, which ultimately helps our mood.The relaxation comes from an observation that I and many others have made about the action of the water producing motion and sound. Many of us are drawn to the sound that waterfalls make. Sometimes we are also drawn to the constant motion of the water. Both these observations seem to have a relaxing effect on us….”

Which waterfalls made the top of our list?

7 Sisters Waterfall- St. Andrew

7 Sisters Waterfall

 These 7 captivating waterfalls are tucked into the lush verdant rainforest in  the parish of St. Andrew. The first 2 are the easiest to reach (the hike is relatively steep at takes 20- 30 mins) and the other 5 are for the more experienced and daring hikers. Whether you just want to sun bath on giant river stones, meditate by the running water,  jump from the top of the falls or take a refreshing dip this one is perfect for you. 

Mount Carmel Falls – St. Andrew 

Mt. Carmel Falls Grenada

Mt. Carmel Falls

These are two falls are easily accessible via a nature trail which includes a few river crossings. One is a dramatic fall with a calm basin and the other a more gentle fall over a large smooth rock formation that makes an excellent two level natural waterslide. These falls are a hit with locals and visitors alike with generously sized and refreshing  basins. If you happen to be there during school vacation months, or, on a weekend you will see children and teens enjoying the waterfall with the most entertaining and sometimes heart stopping antics, flipping into the water and sliding down on their bellies. If you are interested in a more serene vibe (which why we are guessing you are reading this blog) our tip is to visit in the early afternoon during weekdays. 

Concord Waterfalls- St. John

Concord Waterfalls Grenada

These are also multiple falls, located in the village of Concord in St. John, the closest of which is accessible via stairs. If you are at all familiar with  destination marketing campaign material for Grenada in the 90s and early 2000s this is the waterfall from those iconic images. If you are looking for easy access to a waterfall but still want to feel secluded and take it all in this is the spot for you.

Sulfur Springs 

According to Middle Earth Thermal Springs 

“During a hot spring bath, the body absorbs trace amounts of minerals such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, and lithium. These trace minerals help provide healing effects to different organs and systems in the body. These seemingly subtle health benefits include increased immunity due to stimulation of the immune system; physical and mental relaxation; endorphin production; as well as gland function normalization.”

Clabone Sulfur Springs 1 & 2- St. Andrew

Clabone Sulfur Springs

Although the journey to these springs is rough and rugged and seemingly never ending they are worth it. These two enchanting basins of naturally occurring warm and sometimes bubbling (but not boiling) sulfur springs are what we imagine the fountain of youth to be like. You will be delighted to hear that these springs do not have that overpowering off-putting scent often associated with Sulfur . 

The first basin is bigger and can comfortably accommodate about 10 people while the smaller and more intimate can accommodate about 7 people comfortably. They are both tucked into a lush green oasis with ferns and tropical foliage all around. There must be something in the springs that engenders deep reflection and great conversations because we personally have never had a bad conversation here. 

Peggy’s Whim Sulfur Springs – St. Patrick 

Grenada Sulfur Spring

These springs are not your regular basin of soul soothing sulfur, the water pours in the basin from a miniature waterfall that you can stand under to have a sulfur infused shower! The hike to these Springs is a challenge but it also means that you are likely to have them to yourself- which really helps when you are on a mission to truly unwind and take in all the headspace that time in nature offers. 


Dr. Benjamin Bensadon, an assistant professor of clinical biomedical science at Florida Atlantic University, said the sand alone can help chill us out…You can feel the sand, it’s often soft, and that can be a relaxing tactile stimulus”

Grand Anse Beach- St. George

Grand Anse Beach Grenada 

It would be negligible of us not to mention this world famous beach as one of the top 10 places to relax in Grenada. Although,  if you have heard about Grenada you more than likely would have already heard about this 2 mile stretch of powdery white sand with its sparkling clear aquamarine and turquoise waters. We still wanted to add our stamp of approval if you needed any further convincing. Our tip is to visit this beach on a weekday in the early hours of the morning for a relaxing walk or jog to clear your mind- this is how many Grenadians to start their day on a calm and tranquil note. 

Dr. Grooms Beach- St. George 

Dr. Grooms Beach Grenada

This underrated  white sand beach with clear turquoise-azure waters is in Point Salines near the Maurice Bishop International Airport. It is usually a very quiet and secluded beach with the exception of weekends and public holidays where just a few families, groups of friends  can be found there.  Most likely, if you visit this beach on a random week day you may find yourself sharing this spot with 1 or 2 other people. We love this spot for sunset gazing.

La Saggesse Beach- St. David

La Saggesse Beach Grenada

This grey sand beach is a good 30- 35 minute drive along the east coast of the island from the True Blue/ Grand Anse area. This drive through the neighborhoods of St. David is vibrant and scenic- it simply has a mood enhancing effect. We love La Saggesse Beach precisely because it is not in the south of the island- the further away you get from the south the more authentic your Grenadian experience becomes. There is a small boutique resort bordering the beach but you will never encounter drones of tourists here. It is a family friendly beach in the sense that there is a long stretch of shallow water perfect for your little ones to play relatively safely* by the waters edge. Though not completely secluded this beach does not feel crowded- there is a non invasive sense of community here. 

Grand Etang Crater Lake Nature Trails- St. Andrew  

Grand Etang Crater Lake

forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku [practiced in Japan]…This is not exercise, or hiking, or jogging. It is simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Shinrin-yoku is like a bridge. By opening our senses, it bridges the gap between us and the natural world.”

Grand Etang, a crater lake, in the middle of the island is surrounded by several walking and hiking trails is the perfect spot for forest bathing. You can choose whether you want a challenging hike that lead to stunning serene views of the lake and lush green mountains or whether you want to take a stroll along one of the trails around the lake shaded by tall trees. Whichever you choose it is sure to give you the reset and recharge you are looking for. 

On December 16th we are hosting the inaugural Soul of the Earth Retreat with Malaika Maitland. This all inclusive nature yoga and meditation retreat will take you to a few of the spots that made our top 10 list. The day starts with an energizing guided yoga class at Sankalpa Yoga Studio, our tree top ocean view yoga space and a nourishing oceanfront breakfast at Dodgy Dock. After breakfast we head out to Grand Etang Crater lake and the Clabone Sulfur Springs to reconnect to our inner knowing through guided meditations and sharing space with like minded people.

To register for this retreat please contact us at or call 1-473-443-8786

* always keep a close eye on your kids when they are playing near the water’s edge or are in the water

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