J’ouvert Morning in Grenada

admin August 21, 2018

What to expect on J’ouvert Morning in Grenada

Jab Jabs

Grenada is known to have the most outlandish and even intimidating J’ouvert morning celebrations in the world! On lookers  often make a double take thinking to themselves “Did I just see that?”.  Like the French word suggests this is the opening of Spicemas- where masqueraders take to the streets (between Lagoon Road and the city of St. George or in the respective parishes around the island) on Carnival Monday in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun rises, cover themselves in mud, paint and the iconic “ole oil” (old motor oil).  Jab Jabs covered in ole oil wear wigs,  masks, old wedding dresses, cow horn helmets while clinking heavy chains, pushing baby prams, lugging coffins, holding haunted looking dollies and clenching dead fish (or meat of some sort) in their mouths dripping with blood like red food colouring.

Ole Mas

Another interesting element of J’ouvert is the ole mas- where people act out their commentary on any relevant and often controversial social issues. It may seem confusing if you are not in the know about the latest political or pubic figure scandal. However, we guarantee that whether you get it or not- you will be entertained.

Strong Rum and the best J’ouvert in the world

It is quite the sight- especially since masqueraders truly commit to their menacing or comedic demeanour throughout- despite the copious amounts of strong Grendian rum that is in their system. Visitors to the island join in on the fun, whether fully immersed in the cultural context or just ready to be part of the craziest street party on the planet. J’ouvert is where you can see what makes Carnival in Grenada stand out in the crowd. Indeed Grenada has the best j’ouvert in the world(we won’t even pretend to be humble about it). If you disagree you probably just don’t know what you are talking about- we can forgive your bold ignorance. See for yourself…

Grenada J'ouvert

J'ouvert Morning in Grenada

Grenada J'ouvert Morning

Can tourists take part in carnival in Grenada?

Jab Jab

Funny Jab JabJ'ouvert Party

J'ouvert morning in GrenadaOle Mas in Grenada

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