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admin December 6, 2012

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort has always been a water sports haven. From kayaking to sailing, True Blue Bay is the perfect place to get in touch with your sea legs. Our in-house guests are welcome to use the kayaks and hobie cats free of charge, but we always warn them to stay inside the bay. However, just recently, the True Blue staff have over stepped the boundaries in the name of adventure. They have introduced a new activity for their adventure seeking guests where they kayak outside the Bay, with a tour guide, and check out Prickly Bay and do some kayak surfing. Five of the True Blue staff decided to map out the kayak tours and see what would be the best route to take. We had with us Owner Russ Fielden, Assistant to the General Manager Marie Fielden, Restaurant Manager Crystal DeRiggs, andfrom the Marketing Department, Arthur Daniel and Salisha Armstrong.

We headed east out of True Blue Bay towards Prickly Bay. Once we arrived around Prickly Point, the seas got choppy. It was a little difficult paddling against the waves but we all got through, even first time kayaker Crystal. Once we got into Prickly Bay, it was a lovely paddle inland towards Calabash Hotel. We met some students in a floating inner tube who where just enjoying their Sunday drinking beers on the sea. Once we got near Calabash Hotel, we stopped for a drink and a few snacks we brought with us.

Sitting on our kayak, floating by Calabash, was beautiful. The crystal clear waters and white sand beach with towering palm trees was an ideal place for a midmorning snack. When we got our energy back, we headed over to Prickly Point where the boys decided they were going to do some kayak surfing. The waves were the perfect size. They lost their balance once, but by the third wave, they were professionals. After this little adventure, we headed back over to True Blue Bay.

Kayaking back was nice and easy because of the sea swells pushing us towards the Bay. Once inside the Bay, it was the girls turn to surf the mini waves by True Blue beach. They did this with great success without flipping over, unlike the boys! At the end of the expedition we headed back to the dock to pull in our kayaks. The tour took an average of 2 hours and we will be offering this adventure to our guests. They will have a tour guide who will take them around to the different check points and also to make sure they reach back to the resort safe and sound. One day, when it is nice and calm, the staff will try their luck kayaking over to Glovers Island so we can offer our guests an even more adventurous tour.

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