Meet the Fieldens

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

L-R Marie Fielden, Russ Fielden, Magdalena Fielden, Renatta Fielden, Lila (at the front)

21 years ago Russ and Magdalena Fielden moved to Grenada with their two daughters Marie and Renatta and took over what was then called True Blue Bay Inn. Over the years they expanded the property to a 70 room chic boutique resort with villas, suites and charming standard rooms. True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, as it is now known, also has a spa, yoga studio, 4 pools, a boutique, 2 playgrounds and a restaurant and bar that is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

To this day Russ and Magdalena proudly run the Resort alongside their two daughters and a staff of over 100. They have gone on to win numerous awards for their sustainable business model. The Fielden’s are leaders in the hospitality industry regionally for their eco-friendly approach to running their resort. This family prides itself on creating a blissful Caribbean escape for many vacationers- including families, couples, solo and business travelers.

Cocoa Pods Grenada

The Fielden’s in one of their climate-smart Cocoa Pod Rooms


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