Meet the True Blue Personalities: Employee of the month: Afia Noel

Glen November 9, 2016

One of our most outstanding first memories of Afia was when she brought her children to the National Learn to Swim week in 2015 which was being hosted at our infinity beach pool. For many of us, it was our parents who taught us to swim when we were children. What is most remarkable about Afia is her humility  and her openess to learning something new. Learning to swim was just the beginning of Afia’s journey at True Blue Bay Resort. Since she first began working with us she has been growing and thriving and has become an positive  example to many.


Afia learning to swim


Afia and her amazing children

We had a chance to chat with her and here is what she shared with us:

What do you do at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort? 

I am one of the  True Bluetique sales clerks and chief recycler. My responsibilities range from sales and stock control at the boutique to collecting, sorting and distribution of recyclable items from our recycling station.

What is your favourite part about working at True Blue?

My favourite part about working here is the unity of the staff. It just feels like home and family.


Our spirited Green Team


How old are they? 

My son is 9 and my little girl will be 8 in December.



What  was the first Green Team Project you participated in?

I believe my first project was a roadside clean up along the true blue main road.


How did you feel after the project? 

At first I was enthusiastic about the project. It opened my eyes to the amount of items being discarded that could be recycled. It made me more determined to educate others.

Have you always been environmentally conscious?

To some extent I have been. I’ve always been conscious about the problem of persons littering.

Who or what has been most influential in making you conscious about our impact on the environment?

There are so many. But I would have to say Marie Fielden. I had a broad idea of what was going on but she went more in depth and helped me to understand the impact of what we do and how it affects us.18964616029_ef37d0b5be_kDo you feel personally responsible to proactively  protect our environment?

Oh yes very much so. I mean, if I can do anything to help out the environment then why not?


Have you taken some of the lessons learned through being a member of the Green team and applied them at home or in your community? 

Yes I have. Especially when I comes to using energy and water efficiently. Styrofoam is also a no no in my house lol. I also try to recycle as much plastic and paper products.

Have you passed your knowledge of recycling and protecting the environment on to your children? 

Of course I have. Ask my friends any day. They will tell you how much I speak about it.016a1627016a1634

What motivates you most to protect the environment? 

Just seeing the tangible effects on a daily basis motivates me. Have you not noticed how hot it is? And how little rain we are getting?

What would you say to someone who feels that they cannot make a difference by  doing their part to protect the environment?

Every little bit helps in some magnitude. Try it, you’ll see

What do you fear most if we as the human population do not do our part to protect the environment? 

I fear that there will be nothing left for the future generation. Why aren’t we trying our best to make sure we educate our younger ones of the effects and rewards of recycling and protecting the earth, so that we would have all these beautiful and healthier features of our planet to enjoy for as long as we are here? Who wants to bathe on a beach where you have to swim through filth? Or breath air that makes it feel like a chore to survive?


Pure Grenada

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers? 

I have so much I would like to share, but, I’ll only say this: Turning a blind eye on a problem doesn’t make it disappear.

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