Meet the True Blue Personalities: Marie Fielden

Glen August 16, 2016

Twenty Four year old Marie is the eldest daughter of resort owners Magdalena and Russ Fielden. Marie recently became a mom to a jolly and cheeky baby girl Lila (you are likely to see her hanging around at the resort). The Fielden Family bought True Blue Bay Resort back in 1998.

Marie started her hotelier career in 2012 after completing her studies at the St. George’s University. Marie’s humble beginning at True Blue Bay Resort include bed fluffing (jumping on the beds with her sister), bar tending and waitressing.

We got a chance to catch up with her for a short interview, here is what she had to say. 


Marie and daughter Lila

What is your current Job Description?

Hotel Assistant Manager

What do you actually do around here? 

A little bit of everything, but mostly Human Resources, managing the spa, and also managing the Green Team

How long have you worked at True Blue? 

Since May 2012, but I have been working summer jobs in True Blue since 2008

 What were your responsibilities over the years at True Blue? 

I ensure all staff files are in order, making sure they are happy and preforming their best, opening up the new Blue Haven spa and managing it. I help out with marketing every now and then, I used to do lots of the graphic design, but more talented people have taken over that roll :).  I do some purchasing for the hotel, hire and fire, organise job training. I also control the savings and loans for the staff.

My favourite of all is organizing the Green Team. We try to meet once a month to discuss how to reduce True Blue’s waste, carbon footprint and water usage. Along with organising community activities like fundraising events for the Schools and local clean ups.

What are your favourite places to visit in Grenada? – 

I Love La Sagesse in St. David, Mt Carmel Falls in St. Andrew and  Concrete Strip (a beach near the airport).


Go there and you will see, the views are breathtaking 


Mt. Carmel Natural Water Slides


Mt. Carmel Falls


La Saggesse Beach

Favourite outdoor activity in Grenada? 

Just walking. I love walking along the beaches, along the road sides, walking in town,  i feel like when you are driving you miss so much because you are going to fast. Grenada is a slow pace kind of island so you should make suit and walk 🙂

What are you most passionate about? 

The environment for sure. Even if I cant save the world, I would love to do what I can to make Grenada a greener and cleaner environment. Its my daughter’s future we are talking about and I’m not going to let pollution mess it up.


Marie doing what she is most passionate about (spot that cute baby bump)

What has been your favourite project at True Blue? 

The Green Team and reducing our waste. We ventured into the world of recycling last year July and since then we have been recycling cans, tins, plastics, cardboard, paper and some glass. We have a long way to go still to be waste free but I’m still up to the challenge.

Any tips on how to spend a rainy day in Grenada? 

What do you do? Rainy days in Grenada are so peaceful. Everyone and everything is hiding away trying to stay dry. I say go out on your veranda or just a covered area outside, with a book and a chair and read. Its so much cooler and cosier when its raining so go outside (under some shelter, don’t be silly and get drenched) and enjoy the cool temperature, sights, and smells. Also after a raining day, there is always a spectacular sunset so don’t miss it!



One baby Lila 


Marie Luvnish and baby Lila

How old? 

8 months …ugh it’s going too fast. 


Baby Lila

How has it been balancing work and being a new mom? 

Tricky. Thankfully the support system in True Blue is amazing. Having my mom and dad at work in the same office really helps. They are always more than happy to take over for a few hours. If i don’t bring her to work they get sad. 


Magdalena, Renatta, Marie, Lila and Russ

How has it affected how you work/ How has it affected how you view work?

I have to work quicker. I don’t want to be staying late because I want to be able to take Lila home so we can go for a swim or go for a walk. Its hard balancing work, mommy life and relationships. Even though I love my job I would love to spend way more time home with Lila doing arts and crafts or just trying to make her laugh. It’s the best sound in the world.

What is new with Lila?  

She’s blowing raspberries at everyone (rude!!! but cute) and she’s pulling up on everything trying to walk. I am excited for her to walk but at the same time… terrified.

Favourite food at the Restaurant? 

I LOVE FAJITAS!!! The veg fajitas are my favourite.


They come on a sizzling hot plate with beans and melted cheese and you build your own fajita. The salsa and guacamole is homemade.. yummm… oh and also the Grenada chocolate ice-cream is a must have .It’s just amazing


Favourite drink at Dodgy Dock and Why? 

Nutmeg Colada. Even though I haven’t had it in a while (pregnant and now breastfeeding) its a Grenadian spice twist on a popular tropical drink. What’s not to love?

Favourite Spa Treatment at Blue Haven? 

Ohhhhh hard one. Its between the full body massage and the pedicures. Your feet will love you after one of our pedicures.



Anything else you want to share with us?  

I grew up in True Blue Bay Resort and it was such a magical childhood. My parents would organise  public easter egg hunts, public halloween parties, christmas parties and epic birthday parties for my sister and I. I cant wait to be able to do the same for Lila. True Blue is a wonderful place to vacation, so imagine living and growing up here. It’s a tropical dream come true.


Renatta and Marie as Kids in Grenada


True Blue Bay Resort from above

Follow Marie on instagram @marieestelle to see what she is getting up to. Be prepared to see a whole lot of Lila and Marie’s adorable little family.


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