Most Eco-Friendly Resort in Grenada

admin December 28, 2018

Grenada's most eco-friendly roomClimate-smart Cocoa Pods due to open in February 2019

Our construction team has been engrossed in the building of the most recent additions to our boutique resort – the most eco-friendly resort in Grenada- a beautiful and enchanting island in the Caribbean. Here are the details about the brand new climate-smart Cocoa Pods that will be available to guests from February 2019.

Rooms and Suites

Most Eco- Friendly resort in Grenada

In a  few short weeks, we will open the doors to another stylish and comfortable 21 Rooms, and 4 Suites called the Cocoa Pods. These beautiful, spacious and comfortable eco-friendly spaces are designed to bring Grenada’s mesmerising natural beauty into the room.  The Cocoa Pods will perfectly compliment the hotel’s new modern conference centre which is also scheduled to open in 2019.

A fuller expression of the vision to offer more climate-smart accommodation

Daughter of the co-owners and General Manager of the boutique resort, Marie Fielden, tells us that the Cocoa Pods are a fuller expression of the vision her family has had for the resort: that is to be as climate-smart as possible without losing its charm and Caribbean flair. The Cocoa Pods also usher in a brand new kids club- a safe and fun place for hotel guests in need of quality childcare while on vacation. The kid’s club also acts as an in-house daycare for staff children.

The Creative Vision

Climate-smart rooms in Grenada

Co-owner Magdalena Fielden is the creative force behind the design and decor of the Cocoa Pods. She says that they were inspired by everything that she loves about cocoa and chocolate in Grenada- sustainably made, simple yet luxurious,  as natural as can be and utterly irresistible. The Cocoa Pods feature two stunning modern lap pools that feel like an extension of the sparkling ocean that borders our boutique resort.

What exactly makes us the most eco-friendly resort in Grenada?

Co-owner Russ Fielden, who has had a very hands-on approach with the new construction, lists the following:

  • Solar Panels to generate the majority of the electricity needed by the Cocoa Pods
  • Harvested and treated rainwater instead of water from the mains
  • Recycled grey water for the gardens
  • Double glazed glass doors to reduce heat transmission- so that the AC does not need to battle with the Caribbean sun 
  • Wooden panels on the exterior walls for further insulation -to prevent the AC from escaping
  • 4  inches of insulation
  • Interior drywall for additional insulation
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Solar water heaters
  • Energy efficient appliances  
  • Craft furnishings  made with ethically sourced wood- nothing that has been mass produced
  • Chlorine-free pools

The expansion is taking place in a lot adjacent to the existing resort. The construction has not interfered with or affected the day-to-day activities and peace of the resort.

Stay at the most eco-friendly rooms in Grenada

These new rooms and suites will soon become the modern climate-conscious vacationers’ first choice.

For more information and rates, please contact

Look out for announcements of special room discounts coming out in 2019 as we celebrate the opening of the Cocoa Pods– Grenada’s most chic climate-smart rooms and suites 


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