Non- Biodegradable Waste Control Act

Glen April 2, 2019

Non- Biodegradable Waste Control Act is having a positive effect in Pure Grenada

True Blue Green News: Earth Hour Community Cleanup

True Blue Community Cleanup

Our Green Team organised a community clean-up on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 in honour of Earth Hour– a worldwide initiative to promote environmental conservation. Twenty (20) individuals including our staff and management, Aquanauts Dive Shop staff and management, local volunteers and St.George’s University (SGU) students cleaned the neighbourhood of True Blue between the junction that leads to SGU and the True Blue Beach. What was interesting was the type of non-biodegradable waste that was hardly found in the environment.

Volunteers reported significantly less styrofoam in the environment

Non Biodegradable Waste Act

Community Cleanup

The group collected over 60 bags of garbage. Community cleanups, especially in coastal areas, is crucial to prevent the further pollution of the ocean which has detrimental effects on aquatic life. Volunteers reported that the most common items found in the environment were single-use plastic bags, single-use plastic cups and plastic bottles. It was interesting to note that very little styrofoam was found. Grenada passed the Non-Biodegradable Waste Control Act in September 2018 which immediately banned the further importation of styrofoam. The act prescribes deadlines of implementation of banning other non-biodegradable waste items. In 2019 Grenada also banned the further importation single use handle plastic bags. Restaurants in True Blue have taken the lead in implementing the use of environmentally friendly takeaway containers and cutlery. Our resort was among the first on the island to implement a zero-tolerance for styrofoam policy on our property. Dodgy Dock sponsored a mouthwatering complimentary Grenadian breakfast which volunteers tucked into at the True Blue Beach, after a morning of hard but necessary work.

If you are interested in taking part in future community cleanups stay tuned to the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort and Dodgy Dock social media channels.

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