Our Bayview Pool – Paradise!!!

admin September 14, 2011

When I took this shot its now, looking back at it realize its more than just another shot. This one is special. I could not explain what I was feeling. It deep, after some days of thinking one word came to me. Paradise! Yes Paradise. You literally want to stop what you are going and jump straight into the water without any thinking!! You feel as if you there!! All you wait is to be at this place, now!! To swim in the crystal water, looking at the blue sky with the unique wooden building in the background. The pic has that such powerful life in it. It touch me in way where I appreciate the thriller you experience you visit a beautiful place. There are many beautiful places in the world but no place like Grenada, true blue!. We have a unique beauty. A welcoming friendly peaceful place where we want to feel at home. I place where time does not exist. A place where all you want to hear is the sound of the gentle breeze and feel the water warm water on your skin and wish you can be there forever. That is what a vacation is about. Amazing and beautiful, unique are just words limited by the English dictionary. When you experience it then being in awe is understatment.


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