Our Very First Cocoa Chocolate Wedding

Glen October 6, 2016

justin-and-marie-wedding-collage-pngAs the sun began its descend towards the horizon the shimmering reflection from the caribbean sea gave everything an air of magic. Indeed something magical was happening, Maria and Justin, a young couple from Trinidad and Tobago, were vowing to spend the rest of their lives with one another near the luxury villas at our boutique resort.

justin-maria-44This was the first Cocoa Chocolate Wedding  at our whimsical boutique resort. Sunset coloured cracked cocoa pods rested on verdant cocoa leaves clustered like little families decorated the rustic sun bleached boardwalk wedding isle. The warm glow of fairy lights peeped out from under sheer fabric wrapped around the palm trees that formed an archway leading to the alter.

Chocolate wedding 2 .pngIt was an intimate ceremony. Family, close friends and the couple’s two year old daughter Skyla witnessed  as the soon to be husband and wife exchanged  the vows that would bind them together forever. The barefoot bride with a  tropical flower crown in her hair and a colourful caribbean bouquet in her hands was a vision to behold. Her dress: a sleek and simple long white no fuss number. Smiles and  soft whispers were exchanged between guests, there was an energy of sacredness and reverence for this special moment.

justin-maria-41Maria and Justin 3.png


After Maria and Justine shared their first passionate kiss as husband and wife live romantic soft steel pan music accompanied their first steps of the freshly married couple.The evening setting  sun created an enchanting ambiance as it illuminated everything with its  soft enchanting light.



Groom and Best Man.png






Photography compliments Luvnish Karnani and Arthur Daniel

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbEKldVQHSk <—– Check out the Wedding Video

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