Renovations Complete at Truebluetique – Daughter Of Pssst Boutique

admin December 19, 2011

Hey everyone, we at True Blue Bay Resort and Villas are excited about our recently completed renovations at Truebluetique (our on site boutique) and we invite you to come and explore. We have expanded and are stocked with some marvellous items that can help you check off some names on your Christmas list. Or maybe you want to treat yourself to something special, you deserve it. For those who were familiar with Pssst… Boutique at Spiceland Mall we have many of the items you may have seen there.

Truebluetique has fun, summer clothing… after all it’s always summer in Grenada, swim suits, bags, locally made soaps, body oils and perfumes, jewellery, clothing, carvings and décor items and of course souvenirs. Hope we’ll be seeing you soon!

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