Salt Fish & Coconut Bakes

admin November 10, 2011

Hi Guys

Let me get straight to it.  Guys this is a dish you must try.  I strongly. Its super delicious.  Nothing can be compared to it. Only in the caribbean you will find such a dish.  This is one of the test of a true Grenadian. A Grenadian is not a Grenadian they love salt fish and coconut bakes.  Every Grenadian knows how to make this cause its a normal part of breakfast.  I can certainly tell you this.  Trust me.

Coconut Bakes
2-lbs flour
2-tsp salt
2-oz Shortening
1-oz Butter
1-tsp brown Sugar
2-oz Yeast (self rising)
1 dry Coconut grated
1 cup Coconut Milk

Sift flour in large bowl; add salt, sugar, yeast, butter, shortening & Coconut flakes. Mix well until shortening and butter is dissolved. Make a well in flour and add coconut milk slowly while finger mixing. Mix dough until bouncy. Remove dough from bowl and knead dough with hand. Leave to rest for 5-mins. Roll out flat with rolling pin, place on greased baking
sheet and bake until brown.

Salt Fish Souse
4 pkt saltfish (1lb pkts)
6 Strands chives (chopped)
6 Bell Peppers (chopped)
3 Lg carrots (grated)
½ Lg Cabbage (chopped)
3 Lg Onion (chopped)
1 Lg Cucumber (peeled seeded & chopped)
6 local seasoning peppers (chopped)
1½ cup Vegetable Oil


Boil Salt fish to reduced sodium content then rinse in cold water. Discard skin, bones then shred into fairly small pieces with fingers and set aside. Combine all ingredients in sauce pan with hot oil & sauté until cooked, then add shredded salt fish and mix well.

Servings 15


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