Sargassum Seaweed Wash Up On True Blue Bay Shores

admin August 27, 2011
Running an hotel always brings new and varied experiences and this week
has been no exception. We have been invaded by Sargassum Seaweed. Tons
of it. As fast as we clear it more seems to arrive.  

The weed originates in the "Sargasso Sea" which is located in the middle
of the North Atlantic Ocean. The sea was named by Portuguese sailors
after a species of rock rose that grew in their water wells at home. The
area is also  known as the Horse latitudes. Because there is little wind
in this area, many of sailing ships would run low on water and be forced
to throw any live stock overboard in an effort to preserve their water
The seaweed is commonly found in and around the Florida Cays and is
supposed to be a herbal cure for excess phlegm. Yes you really needed to
know this.
The real issue is how did it get to the Caribbean. The investigations
are on going.

So we have a problem, what to do with this asset that has washed up on
our door step. As it makes excellent fertilizer I was in favour of
putting it over our garden at our house but Magdalena made an executive
decision over fly concerns. So, scratching my massive brain, I ask our
local pig farmer and husband to Yubi, our account, if he could use it.
So Monday we are starting the de-seaweeding process and starting the
fertilizing of Rex's farm land. Watch this space for photos of large
fruits in a few months time.

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