Saint George’s University, School of Medicine

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Thinking of where to stay in Grenada when attending, visiting or checking out Saint George’s University?

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True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is the place to stay. The resort is on the SGU bus routes, or a 5 minutes’ drive or 10 minutes’ walk from the campus. For over 20 years, the resort has been quite popular with faculty, students and student parents because it’s proximity and convenience to the university. True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, offers year-round student and parent discounted hotel room rates. Book directly with our reservations department, and you will get the best possible deal.

Apart from hotel rooms, villas and suites, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort offers a limited number of long term student’s accommodation (some pet friendly). Available also: twenty-four-hour front desk and security, high-speed internet as well as a Gym, Yoga Studio, Spa, Boutique, Restaurant, Bar and Pizzeria.

For more information on availability and rates, please contact us at: or call Kisha at 473 443 8783 WhatsApp 473 418 8782.

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