Staff Awards 2011

admin January 24, 2012

Last week, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort held an award ceremony to recognize and show appreciation of our staff. Several persons were commended for their outstanding work and were encouraged to continue giving their best.

Some of the awards presented included “Most Outstanding Employee” (for the first, second, third and fourth quarters of 2011), “Best Smile”, “Best Dressed”, “Most Improved ”, “Best Team Player”, “Best at Working Without Supervision” and “Most Mentioned by Guests” . On the lighter side, there was an award for the “Most Troublesome Employee” and even the “Best Non-Employee”. “Employee of the Year” went to Althea Agard.

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During the ceremony, thirty-nine persons were awarded certificates from Caribcert for coures completed. The following, were certified with honors as they achieved scores within the ninetieth percentile:

  • Lucian Walters
  • Leah Phillip
  • Barney Cyrus
  • Krystel Hackett
  • Kathleen Horsford
  • Telisha Charles
  • Susan Simon
  • Margaret Blackman
  • Claire Gibbs
  • Jacqueline Charles
  • Cindy Bain
  • Katisha Stanisclaus
  • Wendell Baptiste
  • Kathleen Thomas
  • Lillianne Alexander
  • Sheryl Pysadie
  • Natasha Bartholomew

Congratulations again to everyone!

Special thanks to the following hotels: Spice Island Beach Resort, La Source , Flamboyant, La Sagesse, Calabash, Aquarium, Beach House and telecommunications provider Digicel for sponsoring prizes for awardees.

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