Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Glen December 19, 2017

Seasons Greetings from the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort Family,

As it has become customary (2 consecutive years strong!) at our boutique resort we have chatted with our staff about what this time of year means to them. Last year we found out their favorite Grenadian  Christmas Traditions…This year we asked the question:

“If You Could Give Anything to Anyone this Christmas- What would you give and who would you give it to?”

Based on the beautiful responses from our staff we were inspired to share a sustainable holiday gift guide towards the end of this post.

Christmas in the Caribbean

Meet Dwight, our IT Technician– he would give his mother’s sense of empowerment to his daughter so that she can become a strong and productive Grenadian Woman. Dwight has a beautiful toddler girl- she is his first born and he is a very proud father!

Christmas in Grenada

Devene from the Front Desk would surprise her son in Texas with a visit on Christmas Day- this is yet another year she won’t be able to spend with him for the holidays.

Diving in Grenada

Peter, the owner of Aquanauts our on site Dive Shop, wishes for peace for the whole world.  After the year that 2017 was on an international scale we second this as a very timely wish.

Caribbean Christmas Traditions

Glenroy from Marketing would give some Grenada Chocolate to one of his best friends in the US. Glenroy is pretty new around these parts and ever since we introduced him to the world of tasting our tree to bar ethical dark chocolate made with fine flavored cacao beans he has been blown away…no wonder he wants to share the magic! If you want to experience Grenada’s world famous tree to bar dark chocolate you should join us in May 2018 for the annual Grenada Chocolate Fest.

Saling in the Caribbean

Jacqui from Horizon Yacht Charters, our on site Yachting Company, wishes for the full restoration for our fellow Windward Island Dominica after its destruction by Hurricane Maria this year.

Cooking Classes in Grenada Omega from the Kitchen and one half of our cooking class duo says she wishes the world a lot of peace, love and happiness!

Eco Friendly Holiday Gift GuideCassius from Accounts says if he could give anything to anyone this year it would be a hug and to say I love you to his aunt who unexpectedly passed away a few years ago. Cassius’ aunt, who he was very close to, left the island when he was a boy and he had only seen her twice since she left.

Best Boutique Resort in Grenada

We were blown away by the heartfelt and genuine responses of our team. With unlimited resources at their fingertips they would wish the world healing, love and happiness and we are proud to serve our guests alongside them.

To see more responses check out the full video below

So now we ask you, if you could give anything to anyone this year, dead or alive, and money is no object…you could even give a superpower– what would you give and why?

Our Ethical Christmas Gift Guide 

Just incase you are stumped–here are a few sustainable and ethical gift ideas that make a lasting impact in our community and the planet. These also double as new year’s resolutions!

1. Help keep the doors of the Grenada Community Library Open- It is Grenada’s only public library and serves over 3,000 members the majority of which are children 

We are proud partners for literacy with this wonderful safe space for the community that encourages reading for pleasure. Donate supplies or money to the Grenada Community Library. It was founded by a few concerned community members after the island’s public Library was completely destroyed in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint- Conserve our beautiful planet 

Authentic Caribbean Experiences

We are passionate about conserving our natural environment (the picture above is one of many examples) and are also mindful of the impact we have on the planet’s survival with every decision we make. There are so many ways we can protect the environment with our everyday choices. For example:

Use Canvas Bags at the supermarket, market or fruit stall instead of the plastic bags so generously provided.

Choose organic foods and plant based things  When we eat foods or wear fabrics made from plants that are no organic we directly support the continuous demand for the use of poisonous pesticides which harm us and the environment.

Resolve to banish styrofoam from your life (as much as possible). It is impossible for styrofoam to break down in the environment. Each disposable styrofoam plate, cup and container adds to the mountains of landfill not to mention those that are littered and end up in our oceans.

Sustainable Caribbean Resorts

When staying with us…

Turn of the lights and air conditioning when you leave your room. Although 8% of our operations are powered by solar energy we still rely heavily on fossil fuel generated electricity.

Reuse your towel. Although we are happy to provide new towels to you everyday of your stay we urge you to reuse your towels for a few days. Each time we wash we use precious resources that have a harmful effect on our environment.

Don’t use plastic straws. We have a no straw unless requested policy at our restaurant and bar because the amount of pollution caused by plastic straws is unbelievable. After being used once and thrown away it ends up in our landfills. Often times they end up in the ocean and are ingested by marine life leading to their eventual death. A statistic from the US says that enough straws are used to wrap around the world 2.5 times per day!

To find out more about our sustainable practices and how you can make a difference head over to our website and visit our Green Efforts and Community Activities pages on our website

3. Give the Gift of Time 

Interracial Caribbean Family

Sometimes the most precious gift we can give is our time. Enjoy yourselves with family and friend’s this year- in the end they are the most important things- make them a priority this holiday season!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours

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