The True Blue Way to Yoga

Glen February 4, 2014

On the many occasions I have stayed at True Blue Bay Resort, the days have always had a magical quality.  Starting each day with a delicious Grenadian breakfast of papaya, eggs and fried plantain overlooking the shimmering water of True Blue Bay, I thought that life couldn’t get much more idyllic.

Two years ago, however, I found a subtle change had taken place. Rather than a gentle first morning lie-in followed by a long slow lazy breakfast, I found myself caught up in a new passion.  One that involved lying upside down on the deck of Dodgy Dock with the water swirling below and the gentle breeze above.  This was my first experience of yoga, ever.  Magdalena, the owner of True Blue Bay Resort, was most encouraging. Witnessing my struggle to keep up with the yoga poses and simply to breathe, she supported and reassured me.  She said it could be tough at first but was always rewarding for the body and soul. I persevered, enjoying the occasional appearance of the “yoga crab” that occasionally popped up on to the deck to watch our yoga endeavors, and I slowly learnt to appreciate yoga practice.


The next year, with the arrival of the beautiful Deeker Deck, dedicated to the wonderful John Deeker, yoga took on a new dimension at True Blue.  Already feeling a little more confident one year on, my experience of yoga at the resort took on new dimensions.  With more regular classes and surrounded by enthusiastic fellow yogas and yoginis, I learnt to relax and enjoy the practice, feeling totally uplifted as the carmine pink Bougainvillea blossom drifted down as we lay in Shivasana pose. I loved it!

Not long after, I decided that yoga was a really important part of my life and took up regular practice in classes and courses.  Looking forward to visiting Grenada again, I was thrilled to learn that Magdalena was planning to build a dedicated yoga studio at True Blue Bay Resort.  I couldn’t wait to see the new building beautifully designed by Magdalena and Russ to draw in the breeze and set high up to take maximum advantage of the breathtaking view of the bay.


So now mornings and evenings in Grenada stretch endlessly to take in an amazing array of yoga sessions at the Sankalpa Yoga Studio led by experienced teachers of different yoga practices such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin. “Sankalpa” is a Sanskrit wording meaning to set an intention, as we try and do for each yoga session we do.  Sometimes gentle and meditative, always uplifting, and occasionally challenging, the classes are incredibly popular and it’s lovely to come together with so many different people to practice yoga in this lovely space.  This Christmas, I was lucky enough to be asked by Magdalena to paint the seven energy chakras on the back wall of the studio to support our yoga practice and to illustrate some of the traditional thinking behind yoga.  And guess what, just to complete my magical day, Magdalena had the inspiration to create a yoga class followed by breakfast in the restaurant. Heaven!

Pauline (a dedicated True Blue Bay Resort fan)

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