Things to do in Grenada for Christmas

Glen August 28, 2019

Things to do in Grenada for Christmas Things to do in Grenada Christmas

Have you been fantasising about a Christmas getaway to a warm, slow-paced and relaxing island in the Caribbean? A place where you don’t have to participate in the holiday rush and anxiety. A haven where you can recalibrate and reflect in preparation for the new year without sacrificing the cheer that this time of year also ushers in. Coming to Grenada for the holidays may be the best fit for you.  Here are a few exciting things to do in Grenada for Christmas:

1. Escape winter chill and holiday madness

La Saggesse Beach

Saily with Savvys

The holidays can be very exhausting and leave little time and space to find the stillness that you crave. Also, it can get ridiculously cold, leaving you cooped up indoors, eventually experiencing cabin fever and for some seasonal affective disorder. Grenada’s temperatures vary only slightly throughout the year, and it is almost always a good day to be outdoors. Swap your heavy and cumbersome winter clothes for shorts and a swimsuit and explore the tropical terrain, visit refreshing and awe-inspiring waterfalls, snorkel or dive in our pristine waters or just laze around at the beach. Your only challenge will be to choose what to do first.

2. True Blue Arts and Craft Christmas Bazaar

Christmas Bazaar in Grenada Art and Craft Bazaars in Grenada

What would this time of year be without at least a little shopping? The Arts and Craft Christmas Bazaar at our boutique resort is one of the few places on the island where you can find quality crafted and artisan gifts.

3. Carriacou Parang Festival

Cariaccou Parag Festival

Image compliments the Grenada Tourism Authority

Parang is a Caribbean Christmas music genre. It is upbeat and infectious, much like the other genres that come from our regions like soca and calypso. Parang artists make light of any scandal that has happened on the island during the past year. This is exactly what makes it so entertaining. This festival on Grenada’s sister island, Carriacou, which is a 2 to 3-hour ferry ride away from the main island, is an exciting cultural experience which takes place from December 13th to 15th.

4. Christmas park and Carols by Candlelight at Quarantine Point

For many years a family in the south of the island lavishly decorated their yard around the holidays and opened it to the public. It became a tradition for many locals to visit this place and marvel and the cheerful Christmas display. In 2019 the decorations were moved to a public space Quarantine Point. A glowing magical archway tunnel leads to this newly opened Christmas park. The park is officially opened to the public with an open-air holiday concert called Carols by Candlelight which is organised by a local charitable organisation.

5. Learn to cook traditional Grenadian Christmas dishes

Throughout the year our cooks Esther and Omega host a weekly cooking class showing our guests how to prepare Grenadian homestyle meals. For Christmas, this class takes an extraordinarily festive turn. Our guests help to prepare a flagrant Christmas ham and/or turkey. After class everyone samples a mini version of a local Christmas feast.

6. Indulge in Grenadian Christmas Spirits


We have said it before, and we will repeat it- the Caribbean is notoriously synonymous with Rum and Grenada is no exception. Thank you, Johnny Depp! Two of the most famous rum-infused things to consume around Christmas are black cake and punch-a-creme.

Black cake is a potent rum-soaked dense and sticky version of a fruit cake. Its texture is close to a firm pudding. It is usually consumed in tiny slices as it is quite potent-the fruits for the cake are soaked in rum and wine for months before the cake is made.

Punch-a-creme is the Caribbean rendition of a rich spiced eggnog- usually served with ice.  It is a favourite around the holidays at family gatherings and office parties.

If we have just convinced you to come to Grenada then you might as well stay with us! Lucky for you we have a Christmas Special offer! Remember that you will always get the best rate when you book directly.


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