To Grenada, With Love

admin November 19, 2012

(Newest member of staff Sera-Leigh Ghouralal, Front Desk Supervisor shares on her travels and why she chose to stay in Grenada.)

Having had the blessing to travel the world at the prime of my teenage life, my innocent sheltered world exploded before my seventeen year old eyes into a kaleidoscope of culture, religions, people, food and experiences. For seven adventurous years I embraced the corners of Asia, marvelled at the “land down under” and explored those United States of America; but a part of me was longing for familiarity, for something that nowhere else in the world could offer. It was time to head home.

Going back to the sweet shores of Trinidad and Tobago brought me a sense of belonging again. The rhythm of our dialect in the streets, the smell of every different kind of food in the air, the sights that warmed that special place in my heart that belonged to my childhood. It filled with the drenching happiness that could only be found in going home. But something was missing; Trinidad, in the seven years that I have been gone, also grew up. The cities were busier, the buildings were taller, the business was taking over; the culture, the Trini pride, the land of steel pan and calypso was vanishing before my now experienced eyes. Perhaps it was my own biases and my own overwhelming desire for things to be just how I left them in what I always thought of as my: island paradise, but alas, even places change and the sweet charming island vibe wasn’t emanating from my beloved Trinidad anymore.

So after little hesitation, Caribbean Airlines provided my 30 minute jet away to the Isle of Spice; the place that I hoped would saturate me in the island life and Caribbean culture I was searching for. Praying every prayer I knew not to end up in the beautiful waters surrounding us, I sighed in relief as we touched down at Maurice Bishop International Airport; Welcome to Grenada folks! Thus began my year and half on this beautiful island finding just what I was looking for when I returned to my native Caribbean.

Grenada welcomed me with open arms. The friendly people, the glorious beaches, the markets and spices, the night life and that island living vibe all came together as if to say “this is what you wanted; enjoy it!” Having been asked “why do you want to stay in Grenada, if you’re from Trinidad” so many times, I’ve almost perfected the answer. Trinidad is like the New York of the Caribbean; busy, commercial and industrially oriented. Tobago is mostly comatose; while it is beautiful and an excellent vacationing spot, things happen too slowly. Grenada, to me, was the perfect blend of both; a little bit of busy and a little bit of easy.

Transitioning from the world, to Trinidad, to Grenada was not easy. I had to remember what it was to move at a slower pace, not to take things too seriously and always feel the love from everyone. Being in Grenada has been an invaluable experience thus far, and since I became part of the True Blue Bay family, this experience has become priceless. Living and working in Grenada has introduced me to a wealth of exceptional people who have changed my life in so many positive ways; the island is still so untouched and so much is left to be explored but the rich history and well steeped culture is incomparable.

If you’ve ever been looking for sandy white beaches, delicious foods, vibrant, friendly people and an easy going true Caribbean lifestyle, then look no further. The Spice Isle is all you could want.

Sera-Leigh Ghouralal

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