10 Things to do in Grenada after COVID 19 – Part 1

Grenada declared a 21-day limited state of emergency  on account of the global spread of COVID 19. Here in Grenada  we find ourselves at the end of the first week of this stretch. The airport is closed to all commercial flights, our guests have gone back home, and for the first time in 21 years, our usually vibrant boutique resort is absolutely still. Grenada is still a beautiful destination and we wanted to take this time to share the top 10 things to do in Grenada after Covid 19. 

We know that one day, hopefully not too long from now, we will have the pleasure of welcoming our first guests here at True Blue Bay Boutque Resort in a post-COVID-19 world. We will see our colourful little slice of paradise come back to life. Those of us working at resorts have the pleasure of seeing people at a time when they have chosen to give themselves and their loved ones a well-deserved break. We witness families enjoying each other’s company away from the demands of everyday life, exquisite and heart-warming small weddings, endearing family reunions, honeymooners having one of many breakfasts together and solo travellers basking in glorious alone time. We miss being a part of these special moments of human connection.

Here is our list!

1. Soak in the Clabony Sulfur Springs, St. Andrew  

Clabony Sulfur Springs

The Clabony Sulfur Springs are a perfect fit if you are looking for a slow and relaxing afternoon and want to experience Grenada’s lush green rain forest. We absolutely love these springs! We recommend packing your lunch and a few drinks. Once you sit in the warm embrace of these natural sulfur springs (that do not have an unpleasant scent), you won’t be in a hurry to leave.

The Shiggy Show

Pro Tip-  give yourself an all- natural face mask by rubbing two stones from the spring together to form a past and rubbing it all over your face and neck.


2. Take a refreshing swim at Adelphi AKA Secret Falls in Birchgrove, St. Andrew

Adelphi Waterfall in Grenada

Adelphi or Secret Falls are located just after the Grand Etang Rainforest reserve in the village of Birchgrove in St. Andrew. If you are driving a 4 x 4 Jeep then you can get pretty close to these waterfalls- after you park it takes about a 20 minute walk through the rainforest with two relatively safe river crossings to get to the first fall. To get to the second fall is quite challenging so we only recommend attempting this if you are an experienced hiker and are with a guide.


3. Spend a beautiful day at Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach is a world-renowned two-mile stretch of white powdery sand that kisses the calm and clear aquamarine and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. This beach is a treat at any time of the day, although we recommend staying out of the midday sun. Our resort provides a twice-daily beach shuttle that brings our guest to 3 popular beaches close to the resort, including Grand Anse Beach. One of our shuttles in a solar-powered electric van- that means your ride has zero carbon emissions.

4. Take a local homestyle cooking class with Esther and Omega at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Cooking Classes in Grenada

For many years Esther and Omega, two of our restaurant cooks, have hosted a weekly demonstration-style cooking class at our restaurant. Some of the recipes are traditional Grenadian dishes with African, European and East Indian influences like our national dish Oil Down or a breakfast favourite like fish cake (saltfish fritters). Other times it is a dish created from their brilliant culinary imaginations like their famous callaloo stuffed chicken breast topped with a cream nutmeg sauce. We can’t wait to hear their playful banter at our restaurant when we welcome travellers back to the resort and the island.

5. Rum and Chocolate tasting with our lovely bartender Mickey House of Chocolate

Rum and Chocolate tastings in Grenada

Grenada crafts exquisite aged rums and world renowned sustainably made organic chocolate. These are two of the products our island is famous for. They make for an exciting and nuanced tasting experience- especially when paired.

6. Practice Yoga at Sankalpa Yoga Studio

Yoga in Grenada

Magdalena who co-owns and runs True Blue Bay Boutique Resort with her family is a passionate yoga and meditation practitioner . When the opportunity presented itself to build a studio space at the resort, she leaned into her creative architectural background and dreamt up our beautiful tree-top ocean view studio- Sankalpa Yoga Studio. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just curious about the practice, there is a class to suit every individual. Our dedicated teachers guide anything from invigorating power vinyasa to restorative and therapeutic yoga practices.

7. Enjoy a relaxing treatment at Blue Haven Spa 

Best Spas in Grenada

With social distancing protocols in place, many spas around the world are closed to ensure the health of both spa therapists and clients. Our clients love how dedicated and kind our spa therapists are and how much pride they take in their craft. We look forward to opening our doors to clients at our serene Blue Haven Spa once more.

8. Indulge in a tropical cocktail from The Rum Shop by our Beach Pool

Best Bars in Grenada

In early 2019 we opened our first block of 21 climate-smart rooms and suits. With this beautiful expansion came two further refreshing salt-water pools and a new bar- The Rum Shop.

All around Grenada you can find small, and sometimes leaning, plyboard village shops that sell and basic household necessities like flour sugar, washing powder and rum. It is a sort of convenience store meets bar situation locally referred to as “The Rum Shop”. There you can often find people having a drink, playing dominos and relaxing (at any hour of the day). Inspired by this Caribbean phenomenon, we decided to open our own Rum Shop- although we have yet to get around to stocking sugar and washing powder. It is a small and colorful bamboo shack with swinging chairs conveniently located next to our beach pool serving a range of cocktails and mixed drinks all made with our local rum.

9. Taste Grenada’s delicious national dish- Oil Down 

If you are in Grenada, it would be remiss of you not to at least try Oil Down once. It is a one-pot stew made with vegetables, callaloo, ground provision, green bananas, breadfruit, flour dumplings and salted meat. There is also a vegan version that does not include meat. All the ingredients are boiled with turmeric and other fresh seasonings in homemade coconut milk. The name oil down comes from the fact that the coconut milk boils down into an oil. The most authentic version of this dish is cooked on an open fire. If you are in Grenada on a Wednesday night, ask for this dish at our street food-themed night at Dodgy Dock.

10. Enjoy a warm cup of Grenadian Cocoa Tea at House of Chocolate 

Cocoa Tea at House of Chocolate

Before Grenada starting crafting its world famous chocolate bars over a decade ago, one of the main ways that cocoa was processed into  a product was to make cocoa balls for cocoa tea. It is a rich spiced chocolate tea traditionally made  with cocoa balls, nutmeg, cinnamon, bayleaf and clove.  For many Grenadians  the  warm spiced chocolaty drink is enjoyed with a traditional Grenadian breakfast of bakes and saltfish.

House of Chocolate, Grenada’s Chocolate Museum, serves this drink and a range of mouth watering pastries throughout the day. They are open Mondays through to Saturday from 10 am to 6pm. While you are there take the opportunity to take their  interactive museum tour and learn about Grenada’s cocoa growing history and how cocoa is processed into chocolate.

10 things are really not enough so we will keep our list going – lookout for parts 2 and 3 soon. 

What are you most looking forward to doing in Grenada when our lives return to normal and world travel is allowed once more? Leave a comment or reach out to us on social media! We post daily on facebook and instagram.

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