Top 7 things to pack as a low waste traveller

Glen July 2, 2019

Top 7 things to pack as a low waste traveller

Summer is here! This means many of us are travelling and exploring the world. We hope your plans involve visiting us here at True Blue Bay Boutique Resort in Grenada. The truth is that travel is not an environmentally friendly undertaking-mainly because of the fuel used in planes, trains and buses to take you to your destination. However, travel is one of mankind’s greatest joys-  it feeds our curiosity about this beautiful world we inhabit- exposing us to different cultures, people, flavours and scenery. Many people credit their personal growth and evolution to travel and rightfully so! How can we make travel less harmful to the environment? We will share our tips for the top 7 things to pack as a low waste traveller!

What are we to do to reduce the negative impact we have on the on our planet when we answer the irresistible call to explore it? 

This is a three-part blog series about low waste and environmentally conscious travel.  We begin this journey- like all travellers by packing our bags. This step really helps to set us up for success! 

Here are 7 things you can pack to ensure that you keep your single-use plastic consumption to an absolute minimum! 

  1. Bring your own water bottle and/or travel cup/ mug 

This will stop you from buying water, smoothies, juices and cocktails that come in plastic.  Just ask for your desired beverage to be put into your own vessel if you plan to leave with it. We all know that drinking water is essential, especially when you are travelling in hot climates. Fill up your water bottle at a water fountain before you head out for the day (sometimes the pipe water quality on the road can make you sick) most hotels have water coolers with filtered on spring water that is safe to drink. This way, you will avoid the temptation to buy water in plastic bottles when you are out and about. 


  1. Bring your own cutlery 

Zero Waste Life

You will be able to refuse plastic cutlery when you have takeout meals at your destination. There are many options-the simplest is to just take your silverware from home! Another popular alternative is cutlery made from wood, bamboo and coconut shells. 


  1. Reusable Straws 

Bamboo Straws

According to our friends over at the Get Green Now website, 500 million plastic straws are used in the USA alone every single day! That is more than one straw per person per day which end up in the landfill, the environment and in our oceans hurting wildlife. Each straw takes 200 years to decompose, and it releases harmful chemicals into the environment during that process. One simple thing to do to avoid contributing to the consumption of plastic straws by always having your eco-friendly one with you.  


  1. Tote Bags 

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This will allow you to refuse plastic bags when you are picking up groceries or buying souvenirs. Our tip is to pack 2-3. They can easily be folded into a small square and are super light!


  1. Sustainably packaged/ zero packaging toiletries 

bar shampoo

Although some plastic can be recycled- consider that most things sent for recycling are actually dumped in third world countries, secondly that your destination may not have recycling facilities and lastly think of the vast amount of non- renewable energy it probably takes to produce and then recycle plastic. Soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants and lotions are now more readily available in bars that require zero  packagings, biodegradable paper packaging or packed tin that can be reused.  


  1. Menstrual cup/ reusable pads/ period panties 

Zero waste travel tips

Men you may skin this tip if you are uncomfortable with this topic. Ladies! We have sustainable options! Our cycles return regularly, and we do not need to use disposable single-use pads or tampons any longer. These are made with up to 95% plastic and stay in our environment longer than our lifetime! Menstrual cups only need to be replaced once every 10 years unless you lose it or your dog eats it (that has happened before). Other eco-friendly options include reusable pads and period panties. These can be washed by hand and reused! 


  1. Meal for the plane ride 

healthy packed lunch

Hand Luggage and Life Hack Alert! We can all collectively agree that aeroplane food is not fantastic. Don’t worry- the airlines know. Being able to refuse aeroplane food because you have your own meal also means that you won’t accept a tray where almost everything is packaged in single-use plastic. You are welcome. 

We want to hear from you

Are there any other essential items that you can think to pack in order to reduce the amount of waste you produce? Leave us a comment below or tag us in your social media posts about what you pack in your suitcase to avoid single-use plastic. Our overall tip is to always be mindful-  before you purchase or use something to think about what waste may be produced as a result of the choices you make.

Top 7 things to pack as a low waste traveller

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