True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is Open as well as our Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Blue Haven Spa

Grenada Update August 2020

Recorded Cases:

  • 23 Total Positive Cases
  • 0 Total Active Cases
  • 23 Total Recovered Cases
  • 0 Number Of Deaths

Island Restrictions in Place

  • Daily freedom of movement 24 hours
  • Retail businesses are allowed to open daily
  • Beaches are open 24 hours
  • Most Restaurants are now allowed to open after they have been approved by the government to comply with all established guidelines.
  • Island Opening Day for US flights to be announced
  • Procedures for arriving tourists to be announced

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Guidelines For COVID-19

At True Blue Bay Boutique Resort we have changed and adapted to the new way of life. We want to ensure that you feel welcome, secure and safe at our Resort so that you can really enjoy your stay with us. We have drawn up a new set of guidelines for our operating procedures and are constantly updating our training and briefing of our staff team in delivering them. This is a whole new world for all of us and we are highly focused on adapting to the new future of the tourism and hospitality sector.

For now, we’d like to keep you briefed on some of the new operating procedures and guidelines that we are implementing on top of the international standards we already follow. This is a live document where updates will be constantly made and implemented, so please keep checking for updates.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is open and presently housing a few doctors, nurses, quarantine returning Grenadians, a couple of long term guests and locals in need of a break (staycations). We have sectioned the hotel into different areas, we have a quarantine area and a holidaymaker area. We have been learning and training our managers and staff in following the guidelines enforced by the Government of Grenada, the World Health Organization, the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association and the Caribbean Tourism Organization. The Grenada Government is visiting different hotels, resorts, restaurants and tourist suppliers issuing licenses to operate under the new regulations. We have been approved to operate the Hotel, Restaurant and Spa from June 15th, 2020.

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is honoured to have been asked by the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association to be part of the team revising and looking at the practicalities of the new health and safety guidelines for the Caribbean. Environmental sustainability is still at the centre of our operations. Rest assured that we will continue with no single-use plastics (where possible), no harsh chemicals, no styrofoam policies and look for ways to support our staff and community.

New guidelines:

⇨ Implemented already
⇧ Implementation In-progress
⇩ To be implemented when Grenada opens its borders

⇨ Assigned a Health and Safety Officer for the Resort
⇨ Screen all persons entering the resort including staff guests and visitors
⇨ Have a nurse and doctor on call at the resort
⇨ Designated a dedicated quarantine room/s to be used in case of suspected infection
⇨ Special extension of hotel rates for distressed guests
⇨ Flexible re-booking and cancellation policies
⇧ Strict hygiene procedures for suppliers entering the hotel
⇨ Emails sent to guests before arrival with new/up-to-date check in procedures
⇨ Notice board at front desk with latest information issued by the Government
⇨ Social distancing markings
⇨ COVID-19 signage around the resort

⇨ Staff daily screening
⇨ Update “Health and Safety Training” on a continuous basis for all staff
⇨ Strict record-keeping of all health and safety procedures
⇨ Information board at staff room with latest information issued by government and tourism organisations
⇧ Staff – laundry of uniforms including masks undertaken by the hotel
⇨ Staff to shower on arrival and departure, and change in and out of uniform at the hotel
⇨ Staff to wear masks and continually disinfect hands
⇨ Staff encouraged to eat nutritious healthy meals to encourage a good immune system
⇨Older staff to be given low risk jobs

⇨ 24-hour room turnaround between bookings in order to thoroughly disinfect all floors, bathrooms, furniture, appliances, doors, windows, handles and to air the rooms
⇨ Room air conditioning filters cleaned and disinfected each time occupied by new guests
⇧ Rooms equipped with hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray
⇨ Housekeeping to wear masks and change to clean ones after cleaning each room
⇨ Linens to be changed every three days or more frequently upon request
⇨ Flexible room cleaning hours to accommodate guests needs
⇨ Information on health and safety tips in guest rooms, TVs, and areas where guests congregate
⇨ Disposable room key cards

Public Areas / Front Desk
● ⇨ Social distancing arrangements at check-in and customer service desks
● ⇨ Continual cleaning and disinfecting all areas at reception and guest services
● ⇨ Hand sanitizer stations at reception for all visitors and guests
● ⇨ Contactless purified water dispensers placed around the resort for public use
● ⇧ Luggage cases and bags sanitized on arrival before being taken to rooms

Public Toilets
⇨ Continuous cleaning and disinfecting schedule
⇨ Contactless faucets and flushing equipment
⇨ Hand sanitizer station for all guests and users
⇨ Hand air-dryers and paper towels both available
⇨Social distancing guide-lines in case of queuing at busy times

Other Public Areas
⇨ Continuous cleaning and disinfecting schedule for pools, pool furniture, and pool areas
⇨ Beach towels issue on demand
⇨ Pool furniture arranged to enable social distancing
⇨ Social distancing pool rules available at rooms and pools
⇨ Kids playgrounds – continuous cleaning and disinfecting schedule, and hand sanitizer station for users
⇨ All water sports equipment cleaned and disinfected after each use
⇧ Gym – relocate to an open air area, rules display at entrance allowing one person at the time, continuous cleaning and disinfecting schedule, and hand sanitizer station for users, equipment to be cleaned and disinfected after each use.
⇧ Yoga Studio – rules about use of equipment and behavior guidelines display at entrance, continuous cleaning and disinfecting schedule, and hand sanitizer station for users. Equipment to be cleaned and disinfected after each class. A maximum number of attendees per class with social distancing measurements laid out.
⇧ Masks, hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies available to purchase at boutique

Blue Heaven Spa open and operating regular hours
⇨ Treatments by appointment only
⇨ Practice social distancing with attending customers (one customer at the time for each station)
⇨ Increase sanitary procedures and frequency to already established international standards
⇨ Place extra care when sanitizing and disinfecting each working station after each treatment
⇨ Staff to wear sanitized uniforms and protective gear for each treatment

Kitchen, Restaurant and Bar
⇨ Enhance Covid-19 health and safety training of food and beverage handling and preparation for kitchen and restaurant staff as established by Grenada Government, WHO, CHTA, CTO.
⇨ Strict hygiene procedures for suppliers delivering food, beverage and supplies to the Resort including disinfecting receiving station
⇨ Food, beverage and supplies disinfecting receiving station
⇨ Restaurant and bar set in accordance with social distancing of 4 people per 10 square meters.
⇨ Restaurant reservations are encouraged and taken in accordance with the number of diners present and social distancing guidelines
⇨ Hand sanitizing station for all customers and staff at the entrance of the restaurant

No Buffet stations are allowed at phase one of re-opening, so all food to be plated for serving.
⇨ Continuous cleaning and disinfecting schedule for all equipment and furniture
⇨ Continuous cleaning and disinfecting schedule for all dishes, silverware, and glassware, including items that have not been used
⇨ Continuous schedule or washing and drying tablecloths, mats, and napkins
⇨ Contactless menus
⇧ Payment methods

As you can see we have implemented the vast majority of the new regulations. We expect to have the points in progress implemented by the end of June 2020.

We look forward to welcoming you

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