True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is building a Playground

Glen May 21, 2019

True Blue to build primary school playground

A new playground in time for the new school year!

In the summer of 2019, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort is building a playground for Vendomme Primary School in time for the new school year in September. General manager of the boutique resort, Marie Fielden, says

“ In the summer of 2019, we plan to build a playground for the kids and also do some small renovations around the school. We love the school and their teachers and appreciate all the support our guests have given the school over the years.”

True Blue- one of the most philanthropic resorts in Grenada

Vendomme Primary School blossoms over the years

Witnessing the Vendomme Primary School blossom is one of the greatest joys of our boutique resort. Our journey together with this school in the rural neighbourhood of Vendomme in the parish of St. George of started in 2008 when we spearheaded fundraising with the help of our generous guests and other local businesses to rebuild the school after its destruction by hurricane Ivan in 2004. Several years later, we raised enough money and resources to build the school an air-conditioned library where the kids could go to study and enjoy books in a comfortable and inviting environment.

Vendomme Primary School Library

Over the years, books and supplies for the students and the school library have come to Grenada with our guests through the pack for a purpose program. Some guests have taken a particular interest in the school and have gone the extra mile to donate barrels of materials and spend time with the kids organising fun activities like baking pizzas.

Vendomme Primary School

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