True Blue wins another Sustainability Award

Glen July 22, 2019

Grenada’s Tourism Sustainability Award goes to True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

Grenada's Top Eco-Resort

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Grenada’s leading climate-smart business, received the Sustainability award from the minister of tourism. This award was presented at the Pure Grenada Tourism Award Ceremony which took place on July 18th at the Spice Isle Beach Resort. 

When asked what made True Blue stand out from the crowd, resort co-owner Russ Fielden said that True Blue has incorporated sustainability into the culture of the resort from inception. Among numerous other green efforts, the boutique resort has been a styrofoam free zone since opening its doors to guests 20 years ago. It does not wait for legislative changes to force more sustainable businesses practices. Fielden personally lobbies for laws that require sustainable practices for businesses like the recent ban on styrofoam takeaway boxes.

Originally from the UK, Fielden remembered that on a  trip to a coal mine in his formative years he noticed how toxic the environment was. He observed the thick black clouds of smoke emanating from factories that filled the atmosphere. This experience left a lasting impression, and his passion for sustainable development and environmental conservation only grew more radical over the years.

How can other local businesses develop more sustainably?

Tourism Awards in Grenada

Fielden believes that sustainable development is the only way forward as an island. In his opinion, businesses should consider the environment from the building stages of all structural expansions. Forming a staff Green Team that spreads awareness around environmental issues and individuals responsibilities to environmental conservation among staff and management – this is something he recommends to all businesses.  He urged business owners to stay informed about eco-friendly innovations that can benefit their business like energy-efficient electronics and the use of solar panels. He also encourages businesses that border the ocean to keep an eye on rising water levels. Rising sea levels indicate the effect that expansion, development and day to day business activities have on the environment- particularly global warming. 

More Climate-Smart Features for True Blue in 2020

True Blue Bay Boutique Resort

In 2020, True Blue Bay Boutique Resort plans to increase their efforts as a sustainable business and environmental advocate. Fielden intends to purchase an electric vehicle that the resort will use for airport and beach transfers. More solar panels to power the resort’s activities while reducing its use of fossil fuel generated electricity is also on the horizon for True Blue. To reduce a large amount of glass the hospitality industry contributes to the island’s landfill, the True Blue Bay Boutique Resort’s co-owner plans to lobby the government to purchase a shared glass crusher that will benefit all hotels.


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