Wandering in Paradise

admin January 5, 2013

From Arthur Daniel, Photographer and Marketing Officer at True Blue Bay Resort.

One weekend on our beautiful island of Grenada, we had what I think was the most beautiful day in 2012.  There were clear blue skies and warm sunshine.

I grabbed my camera planning to visit the most beautiful spots on the south of the Island.  I knew I had a small window of opportunity because, in the Caribbean, rain can suddenly fall without any warning.

My first stop was Sendell Tunnel and then up to Hospital Hill.  From that point, I could see the heart of Grenada’s capital St. George’s, including the cruise ship terminal and the Esplanade Mall. I walked above the hospital to outside Fort George, then down to the Carenage, our only waterfront promenade that winds around the harbor. The Carenage is quite a colorful site with its fishing boats and decorative buildings.

From the Carenage, I headed straight for Port Louis Hill. On the hill, I had a clear view of the General Hospital, the Carenage and St. George’s Sea Port.  It was quite rewarding to see this view as it is a hard walk up the hill.

From that point I headed to Pandy Beach, which is just a short walk down from the hill. It was nice to see families out on the beach enjoying this beautiful day like me. But I did not stay long because I had other places I wanted to check out.

My next stop was a small beach I used to play on as a kid.  I am not sure of the name but it’s located under the Fall Edge just before Grand Anse Beach. From that beach I walked along the rocks where Grand Anse Beach can be seen.

My final destination was Grand Anse Beach. At the beginning of Grand Anse Beach the waters are calm because the currents are small. I saw a father and his son playing in the water.  It was truly an adorable sight.  I took off my shoes and went into the water to capture the moment.

By then, I was exhausted.  I went home to rest and came back in the morning where it was even more beautiful than the day before.

I said to myself, Grenada is so beautiful!

Visit us one day for a vacation. Grenada has so much to offer.  I have only just touched the surface.

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